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On pursuing a master's degree after having received a PhD degree, often in a different field.

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M2 in France = MPhil Equivalent in US/UK?

I did my PhD in the UK. During my third year, I was an exchange researcher in Paris (PSL). As I was keen to get further qualifications, I enrolled as an "M2" student (2nd year of a Masters) ...
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What degree do you need to present a poster in a conference?

Hi there I just finished my Master’s degree and in a couple of months there is a conference about my thesis topic that I would like to have a PhD about. My question is can I present a poster or should ...
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If my masters and PhD subjects are different can I become an assistant professor?

I'm currently doing my M.Sc in Physics and want to do Phd in Atmospheric Physics or Environmental sciences. Am I eligible to become an assistant professor of Physics?
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Will I be able to complete my PhD? Or should I search for other PhDs?

I have finished my Masters in physics in 2020. After two years of work experience as a research associate, I secured PhD at a good university. My adviser took me solely because of my old advisor's ...
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Master degree after getting a PhD degree [duplicate]

I completed my Ph.D. studies and was rewarded a Doctorate degree in Dental science, with a major in Biomaterials for odontology and orthopedic bone regeneration purposes. Although I like my field. I ...
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Worried about bad undergrad grades for phd admissions [duplicate]

I have a very bad undergraduate percentage (BSc maths, 58.3%) and from a no-name university. Mostly because I was not interested in pure mathematics and gave all my time to CS components of the course....
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Masters Qualification after PhD?

At the moment I am at the initial stages of my PhD, but there is a masters program (M.Sc) I love to follow after my PhD. Question 01 Is it possible to do a Masters Degree (M.Sc) after a PhD Question ...
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How to find an internship place in a different city than my university is?

Long story short: I moved to Germany to do a Msc in molecular biology. Since corona, all my lectures and exams are online. Because of financial reasons, I decided to move to a different city (Berlin). ...
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How do I motivate pursuing a PhD in Computer Science (CS) after a BSc in CS and MBA in Finance

I've developed a strong urge to pursue CS again to deepen my understanding of specific fields of interest while contributing in high-tech and R&D industry. I graduated with 3.0 and 3.7 GPA in a ...
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Getting a master in math after an econ PhD [closed]

Ok guys, I know this is a weird question. I have found that the opposite has been asked many times, however I could not find opinion in how useful would be to get a master in math after completing a ...
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Does a 90 ECTS Masters hurt your chances of PhD?

Given that 120 ECTS Masters exist will opting for a 90 ECTS Masters program, part-time (taught & research) in Computer Science, greatly hinder your chances of securing a funded PhD position in a ...
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Master's necessary post-PhD for switching field (neuroscience -> bio/statistics)? [closed]

I have a PhD in Neuroscience and am currently a postdoc. Until now, I have been pursuing a career as an independent investigator (PI) in neurobiology. I've had a change of heart because I don't want ...
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