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Questions about finding specific papers, books, etc. pertaining to a topic. This includes the use of online databases such as Google Scholar or PubMed to find relevant articles.

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when should I stop searching the literature?

I'm seaarching the literature at the moment to write a literature review but I don't know when should I stop searching and start writing?
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How to develop your own argument in a literature review?

In a literature review, we look at recent publications and put what other researchers have said in this context. However, how can I develop my own argument? Should I write it with my own words or ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is searching in article references considered a systematic way of literature search?

Doing a systematic review, either quantitative or qualitative, requires developing a well-defined protocol as a method of conducting it. This includes defining the search methods used in the ...
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Google Scholar vs other academic search engines

How is Google Scholar compared to other academic search engines and catalogues such as ScienceDirect, Scopus, and universities' own online catalogues--in terms of the following? comprehensiveness of ...
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How can I get copies of library of congress's archival manuscripts?

I require photocopies of "Archival Manuscript/Mixed Formats" from the Library of Congress. They have a collection from one author which has otherwise unpublished technical documents that are very ...
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How to get academic search engines only search in open access journals?

Sometimes I work from home, and for security reasons it is not possible to connect to the campus computers. I use Google Scholar for finding papers and so, but from home, most of the journals can not ...
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