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Questions about finding specific papers, books, etc. pertaining to a topic. This includes the use of online databases such as Google Scholar or PubMed to find relevant articles.

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Does this tool exist: Literature search citation filter?

I'm wondering if a tool/website to do a specific task exists: Suppose I have a set of papers (which we'll say for simplicity are hosted on the arxiv), S. I want to keep track of all the papers that ...
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What tools exist for organizing the most recent papers covering a specific topic?

Inspired by the recent post, How can I be up-to-date on recent papers, practically?, I want to know what tools exist for finding recent papers (pre-print and published) on specific topics. The recent ...
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Does Google Scholar limit the length of its search terms?

On researchgate, I found the following paper that describes the application of a systematic mapping. I was curious whether the describe search term could be also found using Google Scholar. The ...
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Following academic development, citation, new publications - From a pre-existing "library"

"Library" in this context means the papers/books that you have in program X (Zotero, Mendeley, etc.) forming the literary core of a project or topic. Is there an already-established method to ...
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Find articles that have certain keywords in supplementary material

I currently use Scopus or ISI Web of Science when looking for articles containing certain keywords in title or abstract, etc. But now I need to find articles that have certain keywords in the ...
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Downloading abstracts using Mendeley

I am using Mendeley for my reference management. As I am doing a Systematic Literature review, I have to filter out my search result entries based on inclusion and exclusion criteria after reading the ...
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