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For questions relating to Liberal Arts Colleges which are, primarily, undergraduate colleges and universities that offer a broad education.

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How do I find small, teaching-focused universities in the European Union?

I'm a European doctoral candidate about to defend her PhD dissertation. I'd love to eventually get a job at a small teaching university with a relatively larger focus on education rather than research;...
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tt Assistant Professor position in math at a smaller university or liberal arts college [closed]

I have some questions on the prospects to get a tt Assistant Professor position in math at a smaller university or liberal arts college in the US as a foreigner. I am from a european country and on ...
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4 answers

How to teach a class with huge differences between students' backgrounds?

As there are different students with different educational and economical backgrounds in the classroom, I would like to know how a professor can deal with those differences. For example, ...
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Becoming a professor at a liberal arts college with H1B visa

I am an international student on an F-1 visa in the United States and planning to pursue a PhD in mathematics. I've been looking into career options after graduation, and lots of people from my ...
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Graduating a year early and applying to a philosophy PHD: looking for advice!

I am currently a second year student at an American mid-ranked liberal arts college, majoring in philosophy with hopes to attend a PHD program in philosophy (in the US) and become a philosophy ...
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Articles about different types of colleges and universities, from math faculty perspective

I'm looking for an article, web site, book chapter, whatever, that I can share with some math graduate students so that they can read and learn a little about some of the different types of colleges ...
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What should I do when a professor is teaching inaccurately? [duplicate]

I have a professor who is teaching an upper class man renaissance art history course. I am very passionate about this subject so I already have lots of prior knowledge. I found some inaccuracies in ...
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Can I use an Encyclopedia as a reference in an essay?

I am writing a paper that is about another culture. I need to include references about the culture in my paper. Is an encyclopedia an acceptable source for general information about the culture (...
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Are physics and natural sciences considered liberal arts?

I was surprised to see the description given for "liberal arts education" in Wikipedia as follows: Liberal arts today consists of four types of areas: the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, ...
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What are typical examples of "scholarly work"?

I am looking into applying to a teaching position at a liberal-arts institution. The application page asks for an example of scholarly work. What are good examples of scholarly work? For the sciences, ...
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Where to find details on Bachelor degrees majoring in IT?

I have been asked to design a major in IT (Information Technology). I am not based in US, and I didn't graduate in US. So, I am not familiar with US graduation system. However, I have been asked to ...
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Visiting Student for Graduate Studies in Mathematics [closed]

All, I am currently a student at a small liberal arts college which does not offer the courses that would make me more competitive as an applicant to Master's or PhD programs in Mathematics. Since I ...
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3 answers

Research statement for liberal arts college: how much detail should I go into?

I am currently a math PhD student, and will be graduating next spring. If I'm applying for a position at small liberal arts college, what should my research statement look like? How detailed and how ...
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Is "liberal arts" a unique feature of American higher education?

Liberal arts programs are very common in the US but not in Europe (correct me if I am wrong). As I see here in discussions, the environment of liberal arts colleges is different: for example, student-...
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