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Questions tagged [liberal-arts]

Questions having to do with liberal arts subjects such as literature, languages, art, music, philosophy, and history.

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4 votes
3 answers

Is there no liberal arts "school" that is also a research "school"?

Note: Using "school" as an alternative word, because "college" and "university" have different implications for degree level awarded, at least in the US. Edit: apparently ...
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6 votes
3 answers

What is the difference between paper presentation and poster presentation (in terms of prestige)?

I am talking in terms of values. Is there any difference between these two when it comes to the weight they add to a CV? Is a paper presentation better than a poster presentation?
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0 answers

Master's degree after Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Humanities

I have a question regarding a futher education after obtaining Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts and humanities. Is it feasible/possible/widespread to obtain Master's in some other specialization? ...
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Biology and Physics are to ‘the sciences’ as Fine Art and Theatre Studies are to what? [closed]

I am editing something and am trying to find an alternative to the phrase ‘the sciences and the creative subjects’, as the use of the latter implies that the former are not creative. For context, we ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Perception of Phi Beta Kappa on a resume?

I'm a student in the US, about to graduate with a BS in zoology. I've just been invited to join Phi Beta Kappa and am trying to find some more up-to-date discussions of whether or not it's worth it ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Are physics and natural sciences considered liberal arts?

I was surprised to see the description given for "liberal arts education" in Wikipedia as follows: Liberal arts today consists of four types of areas: the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, ...
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1 answer

I am an English Grad presenting at a NASA conference; what's the best way to prepare?

While answers might be too heavily opinion based, I'm just looking for a little reassurance as to what to expect. I've done undergrad conferences for English before and that's no sweat, but I sent off ...
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