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Questions tagged [lecture-teaching-method]

On the method of instruction known as "lecturing." Usually the lecturer will stand at the front of the room and recite information relevant to the lecture's content.

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Trial (test) lecture as part of the interview process for a tenure-track position

I have been invited to give a trial lecture for a tenure track position in Norway. This is part of a hiring process that three top candidates have been shortlisted for the interview. The lecture ...
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How to get approach in teaching a subject you are fluent in but not included in your degree

I am a Mathematics graduate and have done a post-graduate degree too, with a research component involving a mathematical application in cryptography. I'm currently working as a temporary lecturer in ...
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Points to focus on while making a video of an online teaching demonstration for a university teaching position application

I've applied for a mathematics teaching position at a university, and as part of the application process, I'm supposed to submit a video of my teaching. The exact guideline says: "Select a small ...
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