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On the method of instruction known as "lecturing." Usually the lecturer will stand at the front of the room and recite information relevant to the lecture's content.

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How to improve myself as a lecturer?

I am a new lecturer in the field of Computer Science. I got my MSc and I would like to go for a PhD. However, I would like to improve my teaching methods and way of thinking before I pursue this goal. ...
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What makes a didactically effective lecture? [closed]

I have made the experience that even the most excellent academics are often didactically mediocre lecturers. I also watched some of last years Nobel lectures and realised many laureates are actually ...
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How to adopt flipped classroom strategies without student complaints?

I have been adopting flipped classroom strategies (in upper-level chemistry classes ~20-30 students), but I often get feedback from students that they want me to "just go back to regular lectures" and ...
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How to balance lecture participation and not being considered a show-off?

I am a student in a rather small (20-40 students) lecture. This lecture is mandatory for the students of this subject in this semester. In the course of the lecture the professor regularly asks ...
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Alternatives to big-name proprietary remote-lecturing tools

As in many other universities, due to the coronavirus outbreak now we are supposed to do our teaching online in videoconference style. Our university suggests using either Microsoft Teams or Google ...
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How should I deal with very negative feedback from some students?

I am a lecturer of a computer course in a university. Two months (almost 20 hours) of lectures have already finished. Very recently, I planned to get some feedback from my students on my lectures. I ...
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A lecturer is hard to understand, what to do?

I have a lecturer at university that I find very hard to understand. My lectures are taught in English, but my lecturer is of East Asian origin, and English is not his first language. I find the ...
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A few students requesting to cancel lectures due to their personal reasons. What should I do?

I give lectures to postgraduate students. The number of students in this batch is very low (< 20). The lectures are foundation lectures for the course. We are only into the basics of the course. ...
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Is not providing lecture notes to math students really beneficial to them?

I have attended several lectures in analysis, linear algebra and "higher mathematics for computer science students" in two universities in Germany. None of the professors giving these lectures ...
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9 answers

What are the pros and cons of laptops in a classroom?

I simply could not pay attention in a lecture if I brought in a laptop. I always take notes by hand, especially since that's supposed to be better for learning. A professor of mine stated that ...
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What to do about fellow student that hogs lecture time with many questions

I am in a master's program, and one of my peers in the program is in two classes with me. He is a nice person, but he tends to ask a lot of questions in lectures; both of which are very large, and ...
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Why have lectures in the information age?

The primary method of instruction at most colleges is lecturing, where the professor delivers and explains a set of well-established knowledge to the students. However, there are drawbacks to this: ...
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Should live sessions be recorded for students when teaching a math course online?

I am a course instructor. In my courses, which are now online due to the pandemic, I have optional live sessions. In those live sessions, I give examples of how to solve problems (it's a math-based ...
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Is it common to feel CS lectures useless as a CS major student? [closed]

I'm a computer science student who doesn't find lectures useful. I think self-studying is more useful and I should quit my degree in favour of a distant-learning degree. I've tried to convince my ...
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What are the health impacts of standing / sitting while lecturing?

I often find myself lecturing for 7 hours in one day. This question is not about how to reduce my hours, it is about making healthy choices with my existing constraints. I am lecturing to different ...
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Using a graphics tablet to support recorded lectures?

My lectures (mathematics) are delivered in a theatre with full projection facilities, and my lectures are given as PDF slides. But I often need to explain something not covered in enough detail on a ...
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Alternative ways to use lecture time when only one quarter of the students can attend?

In the upcoming semester, we are going to organise and hold a beginner’s lecture with some peculiar restrictions (due to the COVID-19 crisis): We can use a lecture hall at two 90-minute slots per ...
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Is it ethical to use already existing material to complement teaching?

As background, I have a MSc in Chemical Engineering, and I am currently teaching in one of the first Fachhochschule-type institutes that have been established in my country. This institute stands as ...
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Is this tenured professor plagiarizing his lectures?

A tenured professor at my university has hand-copied an out of print textbook in his field. His lectures consist of reading his hand-written notes from the text to his students. He does not deviate ...
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Organizing time in a flipped classroom course

Suppose, to fix ideas, that I have a course that runs for 11-12 weeks with two 2-hour classes per week. There is no further time allocated in the timetable for recitations or TAs; both lectures and ...
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