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On using software (such as Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle) that integrates grading, coursework, learning materials, and/or course communication. Focus should be on course design, configuration, and use in practice, rather than programming details or bug reports.

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How to efficiently switch between two different subjects without losing productivity?

One thing I have noticed as a student is that when I have to switch between two different tasks that I am supposed to be doing, say, for example, studying for two different subjects I am reading, I ...
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Tracking reading progress of documentations or ebooks [closed]

Challenge: I need to read a lot of documentations and websites, but often in random order. I need to track which articles of a website, or which pages of a documentation I already read. I want to mark ...
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What do you use for curriculum mapping?

I need something like MIT project called Crosslinks: But since it doesn't work properly neither out of the box on my laptop nor on their own site, I need somethings like ...
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How to allow students to work off-line, while still using an LMS to collect work?

Due to Covid-19, I am having to switch to a "hybrid" format, where I see students less often each week, in smaller groups, and more assignments are pushed on-line. The school is in an extremely rural ...
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How do you send personalized information to each student in Moodle?

My institution uses Moodle as our learning management system. I want to send some information to each student that is personalized to each student but without any other students seeing it. This is a ...
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