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Questions tagged [labor-union]

An organization of workers, such as of graduate students, professors, or researchers, that engages in collective bargaining and negotiation with the employer on behalf of union members.

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Switching faculties within a University in Canada [closed]

If an Assistant Professor switches faculties within the same University, can this change entail a change in salary? Or since the move is within the same (unionized) University, the salary remains the ...
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risk of shifting to online learning permanently [closed]

My university, like many others, has recently moved to remote teaching in response to the corona virus situation. In my department, the faculty have taken the lead on finding and adopting solutions to ...
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What percentage of UK academic faculty are in UCU?

Just wondering what the rough % of academic faculty (e.g. full time and part time teaching fellow/associates, lecturers, senior lecturers, readers, and professors) are in UCU? I've been invited to ...
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What are some concerns professors at a research institutions might have when graduate students begin to form a union?

I'm curious to ways professors might support or resist efforts by gradate students to unionize. The only reason I can think of, is the concern that grant money could hire less students if they were ...
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8 votes
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Why don't Universities pay PhD students more?

I've worked in higher education on the administrative side. I've been able to get a very thorough look at University budgets. From my perspective it's really a travesty that research Universities, ...
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What are the pros and cons of well compensated STEM graduate students joining a union? [duplicate]

Recently, my state has declared graduate students as employees giving them the right to unionize. The students in the Engineering School are very well compensated. The benefits that we get are ...
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5 answers

Can faculty do research during a labor strike?

At an institution where the faculty are unionized, I imagine that they could, in principle, go on strike. Presumably this would involve a halt to all teaching and service activities. But what about ...
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Destructive bureaucracy and how to oppose it

In my country researchers are overburdened with paperwork and are struggling with increasingly overwhelming bureaucracy while being underpaid. This all leaves them not much time for actual research ...
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How do I express my disapproval of a marking boycott without damaging relationship with academics?

So as people have probably seen by now, the UK is stuck in a marking boycott, which has started to directly affect myself as a final year student. I have not personally been affected too much yet, ...
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6 answers

What are the benefits/detriments to graduate students joining unions?

The graduate students at my university (a relatively large state school in the US) are considering joining a union. To help decide whether to sign a union card in support of joining the union, I'm ...
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Are there widely accepted rules related to union officers being on faculty senate?

The faculty senate at my school recently took a position on a professional issue that was highly confrontational toward the administration. After union negotiations resulted in a pay raise, the senate ...
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