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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Iran which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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Having conflict with certified translator about my transcript of records translation [closed]

I am a graduate in Computer Hardware Engineering who is trying to apply to a German university (for MSc). I think that the translator had some mistakes in translating my ToR, but he says that "I'...
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What is the meaning of the academic title "Karsh."?

I have recently started my work at a new institute. One of the employees there is from Iran. Their academic title is "Karsh." and "Karsh.A.". A short Google search revealed that &...
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Applying for a PhD during the pandemic

A buddy of mine who lives in Amsterdam told me that it is not a good idea to apply for a PhD as an international student because the chance of getting admission is narrow these days. I would just pay ...
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Why are Iranian universities ranked better than Turkish universities? [closed]

The following is the Times Higher Education world university ranking 2021: According to this ranking, Iranian universities rank higher than that of Turkey. Is there any specific reason, given that ...
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Post-doc in Iran. Would you suggest it? Where are post-doc offers at Iranian Universities published? [closed]

I am an Italian Ph. D. candidate in Linguistics and I am in my penultimate year. My research focuses on nominal structure in Southern Italian Dialects, Balkan and Indo-Iranian languages. I would ...
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Can an Iranian journal accept submissions from Israeli researchers?

I am an Israeli researcher and am planning to submit my paper soon. I noticed that an Iranian journal¹ has suitable editors and am considering submitting there. I wonder whether such a journal might ...
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Why is getting your PhD in Iran invalid for obtaining a post-doc position in the US?

My friend earned her PhD in Tehran Iran, I assume from the primary university. She received many awards and published several articles in Condensed-Matter/Cosmology. However when she applied to ...
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Elsevier actions following US sanctions on Iran

Elsevier has started circulating this letter as a consequence of the sanctions taken by the US against Iran to the editors of their journals: Subject: US editors and reviewers can no longer handle ...
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