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On submitting an article or giving a talk by personal invitation of an editor, organizer, or committee member of a conference or journal. Depending on the circumstances, invited papers may or may not be peer reviewed.

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What exactly defines an invited speaker?

Simple question: how do you know that you are an invited speaker for a conference? For example, receiving an email "For your information, this is our next conference" is obviously not an invitation. ...
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Invited paper: who has to be the first author?

My supervisor received an invitation to submit a paper to a special issue of a prestigious journal. Naturally, I have done most of the writing (80%) and all the results in the manuscript are my work. ...
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How common is it for journal to reject a solicited paper?

A guest editor at a peer-reviewed academic journal solicited me to write a paper. I initially hesitated for lack of time. But the editor's invitation was courteous. So I sent an abstract, which was ...
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Asking for Honorarium for Invited Talk

Is there an etiquette followed for asking about a possible (even if small) honorarium for invited talks? These are not talks at conferences but a stand-alone event on campus, open to the public, and ...
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Reputation of Frontiers Journals (Received Invitation Chemistry)

A few years ago, the Frontiers family was listed in Beall’s List of potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers. At the time, there was a lot of backlash by them and a ...
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How to order and divide up "Invited journal articles", "Journal articles", and "Conference articles" on a CV?

I recently presented a paper at a conference, and it appeared in the proceedings of the conference. I have now been invited to submit an extended version of the paper to a special issue of a journal. ...
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Should I indicate an invited paper on my CV, when I am one of the authors, but not the invited author?

Should I indicate on my CV that one of my papers is an invited paper, when I am one of the authors, but not the invited author? If yes, how do I do this? Should I list it with my other conference ...
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Is there more prestige publishing in a special or regular issue? [duplicate]

Bit of a random thought, as publishing in either is good of course. I do not intend to demean anyone who has published in special issues. I can think of pros and cons from one to the other: Special ...
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Paper was accepted for publication 6 months ago without any updates since then, how should I proceed?

About a year ago a paper, that me and my coauthors prepared and presented at a conference, has been selected to be published in a revised and extended form in a special issue of a reputable journal. ...
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List invited, co-authored conference presentation on CV as student

As a student (M.Sc.), my list of publications is as short as my career would suggest. For an invited talk at a conference that my professor gave, parts of my work were presented and I was consequently ...
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Including in progress but invited publications in resume and/or CV

I'm a co-author on two papers that were just recently submitted for publication. There seems to be a consensus that if you even include "in progress" papers, you should not include the journal they ...
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Time delay in papers peer-review process

I submitted a paper to a high impact Elsevier journal. However, the problem is things going very slowly. In fact the first reviewer submitted his comments after 30 days exactly which is today but the ...
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