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Questions tagged [invitations]

Invitation is a broad term for situations in which an individual is asked to perform some function, such as giving a lecture, or to submit a paper. It can also be used for invitations to apply to some program (say a graduate program) or to an organization.

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After 2 interviews, I've been invited to visit the campus for 2 weeks. Looking for advice as I prepare for this trip (5500miles away!) [closed]

The position is for a full-time faculty professorship in my field (humanities). I was one of 10 invited to apply. My first two interviews went very well. I have been told that I am the only candidate ...
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Receiving invitations to submit papers and attend congress's of unrelated fields

At the beginning of this year I published my first paper and since then I get multiple emails a day inviting me to attend to congress's, give talks, submit papers etc. in completely unrelated fields (...
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Should I accept an invitation to review a research paper as an undergraduate?

I recently received an invitation to review a paper at a conference in China. This is the first time I am being invited to review. I do feel qualified to do it since I have worked on the topic for ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Should I review a paper as an undergraduate?

I recently received an invitation to review a paper for publication in an MDPI journal. This is the first time I am being invited to review. I do feel qualified to do it since I have several ...
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How do I appropriately decline an invitation to an appointment lecture ("Probevorlesung") without burning bridges?

I will soon be accepting an offered professorship at a university that is a little further away from where I live. Now I have received the invitation to an audition (lecture + interview) for a ...
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How to arrange an invitation letter for research visit in another university (for PhD student)? [closed]

I'm a first-year PhD student in Communication and Media Science. As part of the study program, I am obliged to visit the university abroad (the best would be in next year). There I need to carry out ...
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2 answers

Should I accept this invitation to conference PC?

I have received an e-mail inviting me to join the program committee (PC) of a well-established and renowned conference in computer science. The e-mail looks genuine, based on the sender address and ...
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Invitation letter Phd from Sweden

Recently I have been interviewed and gone through a writing task for phd position in Sweden. After that, My supervisors told me that they hope to show their labs and city to me in a visit to Sweden ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to tell whether invitation to special issue of a journal is worth being accepted?

I have been invited to participate to a special issue of Entropy for some work that I have done in statistical physics. I received from other journals many such invitations which looked like spam, ...
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What is the impact of an invitation letter on a fellowship application?

I applied for a Fulbright scholarship as a non-US resident, for a research visit in the US. I obtained an invitation letter from one of the top Professors in the field, from a public university in ...
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Is a Master Student ready to be a Review Editor?

I just published my first paper (originated from my monograph) in a prestigious journal and that same journal invited me to be part of their Editorial Board as a Review Editor. I feel that this is a ...
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0 answers

how to increase the chances for a professor to participate in a conference?

In my current place of work, we are organizing a conference, and we would like it to have continuity over time. Because we are a young career in CS and this is our first congress we are having ...
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Is there a special name for a contributed talk given longer time slot?

A conference symposium I'm attending has all contributed talks, no invited or keynote talks. But in each session, one of the [contributed] talks is given a longer time slot than all the others (40 ...
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Should I remind someone of a previous invitation to give a talk?

I recently emailed a senior professor in a neighboring state, that I've never met, with some comments on his recent paper and pointing to some of my papers with related results. It turns out he was ...
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Is it disrespectful to invite a renowned lecturer if I know that he will be travelling through my city?

Actually I am working in an Information Systems Faculty in the main capital of my country. A few days ago I receive an email in which a university located in other city of my country; will have a ...
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What criteria to use when evaluating an invitation to be an editor from a legitimate publisher?

Some academics receive invitations to join editorial boards or to act as a managing editor for a book or journal special issue frequently. Most of these invitations are spam, and many come from Beall'...
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