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A student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.

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What is behind the "Indian Undergrad Research Experience"-spam?

Every now and then I receive an email claiming to be from some undergrad student in Math or Computer Science at an Indian university asking for a summer research experience in "my research group" (...
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Timing an internship during PhD

Suppose there is an engineering PhD student who is unsure whether to join academia or the industry after his PhD. He does not want to take chances and applies for internship positions during the ...
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Recommendation letter from assistant professor vs professor

Which one will be given more importance? A strong recommendation from a new assistant professor or an average recommendation from senior professor?
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Sharing assignments with a potential employer

I'm currently a first year information technology student majoring in software development. I applied for an internship at a software development company. I got an interview and now they're asking to ...
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Not including student who contributed very little as coauthor of paper

I am a researcher in condensed-matter physics, and I recently started a research project with another professor, for which I hired a student for a six-month undergraduate internship. The student was ...
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I am a PhD candidate and I have been offered an internship that I want to take. My advisor objects. Should I take it anyway?

I am a PhD candidate in computer engineering. I've just finished my 2nd year. I finished all courses and passed the comprehensive exam. Currently working in a nice research project in collaboration ...
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How to approach principal investigators for internship/job positions

What would you recommend as the best way of approach principal investigators for internship/job positions? I'm undergrad, with a planned graduation this winter and I want to get some experience before ...
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Can I work as a software engineer and be a PhD student?

I'm a master student, my master's background is about IT, signal processing, and Telecommunications. It's a "research master", which means that we're trained more to do research than be an IT ...
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Dealing with intern supervisor who underestimates my abilities

I am an undergraduate student who got into a voluntary internship for a year in my department. Without going into much detail, I'm a trainee in the lab where programming lessons are held with lots of ...
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How should a high-school student approach professors in research institutions about research opportunities?

I am a high schooler who lives in the vicinity of many premier research institutions and am very interested in going into STEM. I know that I will have to ask a lot of professors to let me work under ...
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What is the best way to approach professors in Europe about the possibility of an internship (as an unfunded, international student)?

I live in an Asian country and completed my master's in Math in June 2020. I want to do a PhD in Europe, but I have had some difficulties in finding a suitable position. I do not believe doing a PhD ...
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How to make the most of an online research internship?

I am undergrad who will be doing a research internship this summer in Physics. The professor I will be working under is from another country, so there is no possibility of working in-person. I have ...
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