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Questions regarding the legal ownership of information and intellectual output.

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IP protection when showing preprint work

This question is in line with What is an effective way to copyright my teaching material? but about preprint work, not course material. I produced a huge original database during a COVID break (sans ...
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Would Making My Literature Review Open Source Be Beneficial to Others in Academia? [closed]

I am currently working on a comprehensive literature review for a paper in my field of study. As I delve deeper into this project, I am considering the possibility of making the literature review open ...
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How to publish and protect IP when starting a company

I'm a PhD researcher at a U.S. university who has developed a new deep learning method for an application with a high potential economic impact. I have a pending patent and plan to start a company to ...
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I submitted a bbsrc fellowship proposal. Does my institute own this material?

I have applied for a bbsrc fellowship. It was not funded. Now I am leaving this institute. In my contract it is written that all electronic material produced during the working time belongs to them My ...
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How do I change my PhD stipend from a private to a public one whilst keeping the same research project and owning the IP? (v2)

I'm 1 year into my PhD and don't want to be involved with the private cooperative research centre (CRC) who is funding my PhD anymore. How do I change my stipend from a private to a public one whilst ...
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My supervisor uses my scientific jokes and metaphors in his talks. What's a healthy way to deal with this?

I'm a PhD student in the US. During my PhD I gave many conference talks, seminars, and presentations at our group meetings. In my talks, I often mention a creative way to phrase a problem, sometimes ...
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Is it acceptable to post an exam question from memory online?

You are not allowed to directly post material from a professor's lecture but any notes you take are considered your intellectual property. By the same token if you take an exam and remember a question ...
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Are you legally allowed to draw ideas from a book without permission?

My plan is to make a YouTube channel with a curriculum based on a pretty well-known textbook. I want to reformulate and re-present the ideas in my own way. I will not take any direct quotes from the ...
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How long after completing a Postdoc position should one forfeit first-authorship for unpublished data?

Usually Postdoctoral Fellows do not have the Intellectual Property (IP) for the data they collect during their positions. When a Postdoc finishes their role, research institutions can potentially use ...
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What to do when a publication uses results of your research but does not cite it?

Recently, I found a monograph that includes results from my dissertation. Those results have also been included in conference presentations. They have also been disseminated by the funding agency that ...
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Professor posting videos of his lectures online. Allowed? [closed]

Suppose I am a Professor working for a reputed university. Am I allowed (by the university) to make teaching videos of my courses at home and publish them on a platform like YouTube or somewhere else ...
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Would it violate copyright to retype a classic mathematics book from the 1960s using modern notation and uploading it online?

I am reading a classic book in mathematics that was published in the 1960s. This book uses very old notation, which makes it impossible to read it. Suppose further that I want to read the whole book ...
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Collaborative project started by a post-doc taken over by PI

I am a young post-doc working under an ERC-contract (thus, I do not have my own grant or fellowship). I recently attended a conference where I met some people and we discussed possible collaborations ...
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Dispute over co-authorship of paper and ownership of concepts and code

I am in a bit of a bind. With institutional background, I've managed to formalize a novel way of approaching a problem. It is not really a groundbreaking thing, but it works, and I've only seen it as ...
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Do I hold the copyright on test answers?

If I turn in a test with my work on it, is that work under copyright by me or the teacher? If the teacher does not want to give me the test contents, can I ask for my answers to the questions as ...
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How can I protect a course I created independently from being taken by the community college I substitute for, when I am about to teach it there?

I have created a course independent of the community college I substitute for. I contacted the CE department about a year ago to see if my course would be something I could offer as a CE course at the ...
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Publishing someone else's thesis work without their consent

Finished my MRes recently. My supervisor has told me that their ex-PhD student (graduated a year and a half ago) had some results in their thesis that they hadn't published. He asked me to complete ...
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What to do with my ideas as an undergraduate

Long time lurker first time poster (to this specific Stack Exchange that is). I think its best to start with some context: I am currently an undergraduate student at a fairly decent computer science ...
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What is the least amount of effort needed to ensure no copyright issue of using online pictures in lecture notes/slides

I have noticed that in many university's course notes/slides, particularly those in the CS department, and in particular those dealing with computer animation/graphics, a large amount of instructors ...
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Is it possible to publish without adviser?

I participated in an exchange programme as a PhD student for 1 year in another country. The very moment I got in the new institution I signed a contract according to which I have no intellectual nor ...
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Copyrights of recorded lectures? [closed]

Most universities around the world are now requesting their lecturers to record lectures and post them on a repository. In my university, we use Moodle to store and share video recordings. My question ...
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Can a non-enrolled/non-registered student use the instructor's intellectual property under fair use? [closed]

What is the transaction being made by paying tuition at most US colleges/universities? Are you paying for the time spent teaching, the price of education/intellectual property, or the diploma itself? ...
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Could lecturing from a textbook constitute copyright infringement?

If a course instructor closely follows a textbook when delivering a lecture (e.g. even listing the subsection they're discussing) could they be in violation of copyright law? What if they upload the ...
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To what extent can I refer to closed-access reviewer comments in my public task management workflow?

I have written and submitted a manuscript to a journal owned by Oxford University Press. This manuscript describes the associated source code, which is stored in a public GitHub repository. The ...
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If a research project leads to potential financial benefits, who owns such benefits?

I am deciding if I should follow the academic path or work in industry. One of the perceived benefits of academia is the ownership of your own work, be it papers or patents. I want to know how much ...
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Can my old supervisor publish my work without my say so

So I completed my PhD in Jan this year and have graduated. Since then I have left academia/research and ended up in a regular job I love despite it being something that is unrelated to my PhD. My ...
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Taking money for your research outputs?

As an academic working at a university, is it wrong to (personally) accept money for your research outputs? Would this be a bargain you would be happy to take? EXAMPLE: Suppose you are a Mathematician ...
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Are there universities with policies that default intellectual property decisions to faculty?

For context, at a US-based institute there is a typical business-like policy stating intellectual property developed by faculty is owned by the institute. Likewise, faculty are required to submit ...
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Disagreement over how much IP to put in paper

Apologies if this is not the correct site for this- I work in a research lab that is in a kind of grey zone between academia and industry and I can't tell from the help centre if this would be ...
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Is there a repository for copyrighted academic video lectures?

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread out everybody’s moving to teach online. Would it be possible to post online my video lectures, without sacrificing copyrights, i.e. posting them with a warranty that (...
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Getting proper credit for a paper: author order

I am a PhD student and I submitted a paper formally co-authored with my advisor months ago. The core idea of the paper is mine. During the first (major) revision, among other much needed, yet very ...
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Do I have to acknowledge the company where I started a project when I later publish related research in college?

I completed an internship at a company. During the internship I worked on a generic and publically well-known problem statement and delivered its solution to the company. After the internship, I ...
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Advisor professor asking me for the source code of my dissertation in order to be used by another student

I finished my master's degree (Computer Science) a short time ago, and I don't currently plan to continue my academic studies. My adviser asked me for the source code of the application I developed ...
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Ethics of patents for research work funded by tax money

My academic research supervisor is asking me to write a patent that he is self-funding, with potential private commercial interests and benefits. I am also directly involved in the work that is ...
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Is it appropriate for a professor to require students to sign a non-disclosure agreement before being taught?

There's a professor at my school that claims to be writing a book. He is requiring students to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before certain lectures because he wants to maintain certain ideas ...
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Commercial company wants me to list all prior "inventions", give up everything not listed [closed]

I'm a post-doctoral researcher in computer science, but my next position will be in industry. I've been negotiating a contract with this commercial company to do R&D work (not while I'm employed ...
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does conference presentation topic need approval from PI

I want to present a piece of work done with a former PI in a conference. If I go to this conference, I use my own funding. Do I need this PI's approval to allow me to present this work in that ...
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What can I do with a research project that is my university’s intellectual property?

I'm working on a final year project on software development. I intend to publish it as a research paper on computer science, but the university says that it will hold intellectual-property rights (IPR)...
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When data is required to be submitted, is it before publishing the paper or after paper is published?

Shall I submit all my data and models to my supervisor before publishing the paper or after the paper is published? I want to submit my data and models after paper has been published, atleast abstract ...
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Can I release my drawings with creative common licence before using them in non-open access journal or proceedings?

I spend quite a lot of time drawing images for my research projects, I really don't like that when the editor publish these images I lose the rights on them. So usually I release them on the web under ...
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Project guide asks for authorship without any contributions – how to proceed?

Our computer-science curriculum mandates that we produce a paper about a research project: We set the topic. We get a professor assigned as a project guide. The paper has to be published at a peer-...
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Should I copyright my notes?

I generate detailed notes throughout the school year to help out the students. Most of these notes are in the range of 30 - 50 pages. I wonder if I should attempt to copyright my notes to ensure ...
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Should I send professors money for illegally downloading their books? [closed]

I illegally download almost all the books I need for my studies. While I'm more than happy to give a middle finger to the publisher mafia, it does of course mean that the author of the book is not ...
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Private company using my dissertation [closed]

Context: I work for a small private company in the US energy sector. Recently, my colleague found an application opportunity for the tool I developed as my PhD dissertation. We tested it out with a ...
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Including cartoons in lecture notes?

I would like to include some cartoons in my lecture notes, just to spice up things a bit and relax the atmosphere before moving to serious stuff. However, I am not sure if there is any issue with ...
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Preparing lecture notes and references?

I am a new teacher/lecturer in science, and I am preparing lecture notes for my module. I am putting together a lot of material coming from textbooks as well as borrowing material from other lecture ...
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My supervisor published part of my research without informing me

While working on my PhD I have diverged from the area of expertise of my supervisor and other people in the group. In particular that allowed me to find a near solution to a problem that was not ...
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PhD intellectual property

The Australian government pays for the research study fees. Who will, in such case, have the intellectual property rights for the research: the PhD student or the university?
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Reproducible science: do entities exist requiring Level 3 of TOP standards?

Quite many (if not most of) scientific articles, related to computational sciences, which I have seen, do not share both data and code leading to the figures. This may have of course good reasons ...
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Advisor trying to patent an idea for himself even though we wrote the paper together!

My advisor is trying to patent an idea without me. I got to know that he is registering the patent through the IP officer at our University. When I asked him about it, he did not give me a straight ...
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