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Information Technology is an academic subject similar to, but not usually the same as Computer Science. It might be broader than CS or distinct, sometimes focused on business or other applications.

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Why should academic institutions not post timestamps of all assignments on cryptocurrency blockchains? [closed]

The best way to prove that a file F existed before time t and has not been altered since then would be to post the cryptographic hash h=H(F) of the file F on the Bitcoin blockchain. When the ...
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What is the status of foreign cloud apps in German universities?

From what I heard, in German universities there is a push against foreign cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Github, and even Doodle. The DFN offers some alternatives, ...
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How to ethically approach publishing research with conflict of interest?

I have an opportunity to participate in a contest with a nontrivial monetary prize, which can be summarized as "Describe in details a secure way to do X using technology Y and provide an ...
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Requesting suggestion regarding Deferring a PhD offer

I am an international student (from the Non-EU region) and I have a Ph.D. Offer in the area of Information Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA. The program was supposed to commence ...
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Molds of PhD thesis from more than one idea

I'm considering doing a PhD in Software Engineering and Information Technology. Associated with a particular concept of interest (immersion), got many ideas running through my mind that having them ...
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Careers in computer science without maths [closed]

I am currently studying in BTech CSE 2nd year. My maths is very weak and I have to choose the specialization, but I want to choose a career in computer science which does not require maths. If there ...
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Where to find details on Bachelor degrees majoring in IT?

I have been asked to design a major in IT (Information Technology). I am not based in US, and I didn't graduate in US. So, I am not familiar with US graduation system. However, I have been asked to ...
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