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Research into a particular topic by a student, under direction of a professor, generally for class credit.

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In the United States, are there any ethical oversights on self-funded and published research?

I'm currently working on my CITI ethical human research certification. Given its dense nature my mind started to wander and I had the realization that all the protocols and ramifications I've so far ...
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How to select problems to solve while self-studying university computer science textbooks?

How to read textbooks like you listen a lecture? Best way to read academic/scientific books What are some good techniques for reading a textbook? How do I improve my ability to learn? I read all these ...
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Is it helpful to get credit for an independent study project?

Suppose a college senior has made arrangements to do an independent study project with a professor, in order to learn more about a particular topic, with guidance. When it comes to the graduate ...
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Looking for advice about whether I should stay in my current lab

I'm a first year master's student, and I joined a robotics research lab at my university about 3 months ago as an independent-study student. Since then, I've been working mostly with a 2nd year phd ...
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