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Research into a particular topic by a student, under direction of a professor, generally for class credit.

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How not to get drowned in details and questions?

Hi I am a perfectionist electrical and electronics student who struggles with studying because I cannot focus on the subject or context as I cannot let go of the questions or details that trouble me. ...
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OK to ask a professor at my institution with whom I have no previous relationship some questions relating to hobby-project?

I go to community college so our professors aren't busy with lab research. They're still busy people though and I wish to respect that. I'm pretty much just working through some neuroscience ...
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How to increase the productivity of undergraduate research assistants?

I supervise a few undergraduates doing independent study and internships in Computer Science. Some of their tasks are to assist me with various back-burner research projects. I can offer them college ...
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Lack of motivation for self-study during the semesters

I'm a third year Physics and Mathematics student, and over the years, I've done lots of self-studies, and what I've realised is that, compared to what I learn & experience in my self-studies, the ...
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Finding related result in mathematics

Assume that I have a math problem, I want to find results, theorems (as much as I could find, in maximum number) relevant to the problem, how can I do that efficiently? For example, one way could be ...
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Where to get help when we can't understand something done in a paper?

I often face the following situation: I am reading a technical paper, and I can't figure out a calculation shown in the paper, whose details are not given. There is no reference in the paper about ...
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I worked in a specific direction without communicating it to master's thesis advisor, problem?

I am currently waiting for a meeting with my master's thesis supervisor and two people from a research institution i am associated with. The plan is to for me to talk about my literature review, and ...
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