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Links in physical or electronic media to other documents or resources located on-line.

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Do links need to be provided for images included in a poster?

I'm a PhD student making a poster for a conference. I'd like to include a figure with two images taken by a NASA satellite. Do I need to provide links to the images in the caption, or would it be ...
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Is it good practice to have hyperlinks to acronyms in captions of a MSc thesis?

I have inserted hyperlinks to acronyms list (by using the command \gls{acronym:NASA} in my LaTex project) in captions of figures and tables (see images below as example), in this way, if the reader ...
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Incorporating hyperlinks into the body of an APA 7 paper

I'm writing an APA 7 paper on a specific professional organization. For one subheading, my instructions are to detail the process of joining the organization complete with hyperlinks for each step of ...
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Is it a good idea to add a link/reference to experience or relieving letters in CV? [closed]

The purpose of a company experience letter is to validate claims a job candidate makes about their skills and experience in their resume, cover letter, or Curriculum Vitae (CV). Is it a good idea to ...
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Institute affiliation link in google scholar

As you may have seen, in google scholar, there is no link for some institutes in the profile page of researchers. I wonder why this is so. After a great deal of searches I figured out that the main ...
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How do researchers send unsolicited emails asking for feedback on their works? [duplicate]

I wonder how a researcher send an unsolicited email to another one asking for feedback to their work. I guess it will be something like this? Hello Dr. X To introduce myself, I am Y, in institute Z. ...
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Why shouldn't an unsolicited email asking for opinion include the links to the articles? [duplicate]

I have a precursory research – that is, an article posted in my website to know what I want to pursue – and want to send to a professor to have his opinion. However, I was advised to ask him if he has ...
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Should glossary links be used as much as possible?

There are two terms in my thesis that I'm using throughout the entire work. They have been added to the glossary for that reason. However, by the time I got to chapter 4 or so I've stopped writing ...
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How to reference/link to an online code repository, whose location may change in the future

We are about to publish a paper in PLOS One Computational Biology about an algorithm that we developed. The code will be open-source on GitLab and we want include some obvious way of finding it. It ...
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References that are not literature or qualified sources

The Duale Hochschule has published this guideline (German) (this question might be specific to the studies in Germany) and it does quite a good job explaining how literature shall be cited and put ...
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How do I modify the abstract in Arxiv (without changing the paper)

I recently changed the location of a link to be in the abstract part. While it works perfectly in the paper, the link doesn't work of Arxiv (the main page) because it's in the end of a sentence and ...
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Is it okay to give link of my recent paper in the cover letter for a postdoc application?

So I am applying for a postdoc position and I happen to be working on a problem that is quite closely related to PI's interests. I don't just mean that we share the same field/subfield (which we do ...
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