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Honorary degrees are given to individuals by many universities. Often the degree is for some non-academic contributions to the wider mission of the university. Some are given to political figures and to donors. Some are also give to academics with an established career.

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14 votes
2 answers

May I call Samuel Johnson a PhD?

According to Wikipedia, Samuel Johnson was awarded an honorary doctorate in 1765 by Trinity College Dublin and in 1775 by Oxford University. Also, apparently people referred to him as "Dr Johnson" ...
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10 votes
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If I receive an "honorary doctorate" from a reputable university, would it be wrong to refer to myself as "doctor"?

If I receive an honorary doctorate, would it be appropriate for me to refer to myself as though I had received a standard doctorate? For example: Dr. Horse Hair, Horse Hair, PhD, etc? Would I select ...
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Why are honorary degrees awarded to celebrities?

Chiranjeevi was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Andhra University. He is an actor, so how did he earn an honorary degree if he has not contributed anything to education?
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