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Questions tagged [homework]

Questions concerning work meant to be solved outside classroom time by a student, including questions about writing suitable homework assignments, grading, etc.

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Does anyone have any concrete evidence for the time distribution of student assignment submissions relative to a deadline

My question is about submission deadlines. When do students submit their work relative to a given deadline? I see a lot of second guessing and anecdotal evidence and "in my class I have seen this ...
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What is the difference between a 'materials and methods' section and an 'experimental procedure' section?

What is the difference between 'material and methods' section and 'experimental procedure' section in a scientific article or report or assignment? Does they differ at all? Elaboration : If I'm ...
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Is there any role of Assignments & Quizes in research?

I'm a graduate student and soon be a Ph.D. student in Physics. The semester is about to end. We have been given too many assignments throughout the semester that we don't get time to read the topic ...
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