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Questions concerning work meant to be solved outside classroom time by a student, including questions about writing suitable homework assignments, grading, etc.

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Would it be considered cheating to ask for homework help on the internet, if I openly acknowledge the help received?

Say you have a homework assignment and you're struggling with it. You ask a question about some portion of it on a site like physics.stackexchange or math.SE or, etc. You then cite ...
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Professor does not care about cheating, what should TA do?

I am a PhD student, working as a Homework marking TA in a school where cheating is extremely blatant. The university has an extremely strict policy against cheating. Hundreds of students in math ...
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what is the best strategy to deal with a situation where a student asks all of homework problems on an online forum [duplicate]

I teach a course, every week I assign homework. I put several hours to choose the right homework problems which cover the course material and permit them to be prepared for the exams. I encourage ...
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What should I do if I did someone else's homework a few years ago?

A few years ago, while I was working as a freelancer, I did something very stupid. On a freelancing website someone posted a few exercises about ordinary differential equations and asked someone to ...
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Knowing that most students submit assignments right around the deadline, is it advisable not to set deadline that is very late at night?

Like many on this site, I use a Moodle-type online Content Management System to give assignments to my students, and receive the finished work for grading. This is in a traditional context where the ...
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First year Math PhD student; My problem solving skill has been completely atrophied and continues to decline

I'm a first year PhD student in mathematics and I'm in a pretty bad spot. Over the last year or so of undergrad and first semester of grad school, I've completely atrophied my problem solving skill. ...
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How to deal with students who submit their homework as an attachment to a completely blank e-mail?

I am responsible for the exercises for a graduate course (which happens to contain only international students). The students submit their solutions via email and all of them send a normal email: ...
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The challenge large language models (LLMs) pose to programming-based homework

I teach courses in which, as homework, students implement data analysis algorithms from scratch, apply them to real and simulated data, and then reflect on the results. As a student in such courses, I ...
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Is it considered plagiarism when you modify your professor's proof when solving a problem in a homework assignment?

I have a homework wherein a problem is eerily similar to a theorem we have proven and discussed before in class. Since we have a policy that the only concepts and theorems that we can apply to our ...
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How to deal with student putting their (home)work on github

While using github for source code is generally something I love to encourage, if a student puts their (computer science) homework there, it's generally easy for others to find and copy - which ...
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Use of automated assessment of programming assignments

(This is a reworking of Software for submitting and testing programming assignments.) First, a bit of background. Many courses in applied mathematics have a programming component, where students are ...
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5 votes
2 answers

MOOC / video integration into classroom schedule

Please forgive the rambling intro... Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are all the rage when people write about teaching. So many articles have been written about MOOCs killing universities while ...
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Should I prepare new homework exercises each year, 20% of the final grade is homework?

This year I prepare a new course (in programming, but it could be any other course). I spend a lot of effort in creating homework exercises. This is fun, but also very time-consuming. I wonder if I ...
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How to handle a student who will not accept that he is wrong?

I am a university marker TA, and after midterm exam I met with a student who would not accept that he was wrong. He thought his answers were correct but didn't explain to me why his answers were ...
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What to do with students coming to office hours asking to check their homework?

As a teaching assistant (TA), how to handle the situation where a student comes to office hours asking to check their homework? I.e. the student hands in their solution to the homework and ask the TA ...
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38 votes
10 answers

Is a professor required to provide homework solutions?

For graduate school classes, if a professor writes his own homework questions and creates his own problem sets, is he required to provide solutions to the homework problems, after the homeworks have ...
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6 answers

Can a professor require that I collect personal data from family members for an assignment?

I have an assignment for a psychology class that is "requiring" me to contact dozens of family members to find out their traits and what health conditions they may have. Truth is, I don't have the ...
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Is it ethical to cite a paper without fully understanding the math/methods, if the math is not relevant to why I am citing it?

I'm writing an article for a university assignment, and I am essentially looking for sources to support fairly surface level points. Two of the points I am searching for is evidence of diffusion ...
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How to motivate students to complete low-point homework?

I teach a course consisting of about 50 assignments. These include readings, many short writing assignments, and group projects. Additionally, students complete 2 large projects as the mid-term and ...
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Balancing empathy and deferring to the syllabus in teaching responsibilities

Questions of similar topics have been asked here for the situation of instructing a course and here and here for the situation of 'no late work' policies. Additional questions about balancing teaching ...
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Can we use students' class homework solution for research purpose?

A colleague of mine would like to compare 25+ different Java implementations of the same homework. Is it OK (ethically/legally in the US) to share my students' class homework solutions with him for ...
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3 answers

How to investigate why students do not do their homework?

I teach freshmen courses. The lessons are in the classroom, but I also use an LMS to receive homework, to communicate grades and comments, and to post additional readings and resources. It is normal ...
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Private Git repositories for students, that don't become public later

Note: This question was asked before GitHub offered free private repositories. Short version of my question: Is there a good way to provide students with free, private, Github-like git repositories, ...
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How should one deal with fellow students constantly asking for notes?

I'm an undergraduate student in the Netherlands, and as the title states, I'm encountering an annoying situation. How should one deal with the situation of constantly being asked for the notes of a ...
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11 votes
4 answers

How do you respond when students submit the wrong assignment, but you only notice after the deadline has passed?

I occasionally get students who submit their assignments, but I only notice that they've submitted the wrong assignment when I begin grading. I can think of three possibilities to explain this: They ...
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Is it plagiarism to copy from the textbook and referencing properly but not using quotation marks?

I have copied several paragraphs from our course textbook in my homework, however before starting the section which is from the textbook I have clearly stated that following sections are from textbook ...
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Software for submitting and testing programming assignments

Can anyone recommend an open source system for students to submit programming assignments? Ideally it would be something that would run on the web, do some level of testing on the server side, and ...
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Encouraging team-work while discouraging free-riding

I teach several courses for computer science undergrads, including algorithms, programming and game development. In all my courses there are weekly homework assignments. I encourage my students to do ...
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How to motivate students to do readings

I am planning on teaching a couple of math-y classes next semester that will involve a large amount of in-class group work and discussions, and relatively little lecturing. There will be required ...
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How do you approach your professor if you do not understand or know how to do the homework at all?

So, I am an undergraduate student taking partial differential equations. This class can be so stressful at times because I do not understand the lecture material, and thus it makes it hard to do ...
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Should we tell students they need to improve their English?

As an instructor or teaching assistant for a graduate class at a top institution, is it okay to tell students (e.g. in homework feedback) that they need to improve their English? What's the best way ...
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How to find exercise problems as a graduate student?

I took my first graduate course as an undergrad last semester and it seemed that graduate student exams are much more open ended. Not only do they require you actually know more stuff (i.e. remember ...
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