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For questions related to systems in which graduate school admission is guaranteed by an institution for some pre-determined performance by (usually) undergraduates. Usually the programs are professional in nature, such as medicine or law. A few other programs have "open" admissions for graduate study, accepting all, or nearly all, applicants.

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Cancer when applying for university. Can I still get in?

I'm applying for university and I wonder if my cancer would ruin my chances of getting in? Another thing is it consider a disability? How should I go about mention it?
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Possibility of rejection in Polish (Poland) PhD programme after finding possible advisor

This is my first question here so if this has been asked again I am sorry for the duplicate Backround Recently I contacted a faculty member of a Polish university in order to apply for a PhD position ...
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Can a department recommendation for a graduate program be rejected by the Graduate College? [duplicate]

I applied to a graduate program and received a "congratulations" letter from the department commitee saying they recommended my application to the Graduate College. I was wondering if I ...
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Can I get admitted to a master's program at top European university with an average GPA?

I study business economics, and I would like to study abroad in Denmark, precisely in Aarhus. I've already talked with the staff via email, and despite the fact that they are a top university in ...
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Are there meaningful downsides to a "guaranteed" (graduate) admissions program?

One school I know of, University of Pittsburgh, has an early admission program to its graduate schools (law, business, medicine, and others) for qualified juniors. That is, students can apply to the ...
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