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Any source of information that has not undergone a peer review process, but is publicly available. This may include, but is not limited to: white papers, tech reports, other project reports.

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Google Scholar does not return a report of 2016 when using as custom range 2016-2023

When searching for the string "open* education*" selecting Anytime, Google Scholar returns as 4th result "Opening up education: A support framework for higher education institutions&...
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Why do non-governmental organizations tend to publish non peer-reviewed "grey" literature?

Is there any reason why most non-governmental organizations (NGOs) tend to publish non-peer reviewed literature? I have seen some NGO scientists as co-authors, even in some important papers, but most ...
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How to advertise my unpublished work in my CV for graduate admissions, when I can't put it on arXiv? [duplicate]

I am applying to graduate programs. I have an unpublished work. It has been submitted to the arXiv, but it has been put on hold. Also, we have submitted to a journal. I want to advertise my work on my ...
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In case I upload an unpublished conference paper or technical report of mine to is it protected from plagiarism?

I would like to know if an uploaded unpublished paper of mine it is safe from plagiarism, including just parts of it (e.g. title). I meant that if somebody copies part or the entire unpublished, but ...
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Publishing a tech report or other non-peer reviewed paper as an independent researcher

I have got a paper in the queue which I would like to publish outside the realm of peer reviewed journals. The main reasons: Money. I'm currently not affiliated to any academic institution which ...
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How can I get my papers published formally?

I have posted majority of my academic work from MA program on This past week I had the time to look into the Analytics section and I have tons of followers, readers, downloads, student ...
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Mimeo, Technical report, Manuscript: what kind of creatures are they?

(I consider this question to be an extension and complement of this one). My field is Economics. It is not uncommon for a published research paper to reference a (third-party) "technical report", ...
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Is it possible to do a literature review in the IMRaD format?

The IMRaD format (Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion) seems to be the gold standard in publishable scholarly articles in certain fields. I am wondering if I could get my literature review ...
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How to cite an expert's opinion which doesn't have any title? And should I?

The opinion is literally a post on his social network account. The post is quite long, so it's able for him to evoke his opinion in detail. It also has good long discussion below. At first, I think ...
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What is the scholarly value of a report containing experimental results and the procedure

I have performed some experiments on approximately 400+ data sets, my PI is thinking of publishing online a report that contains some background information, the software and the procedure used to ...
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How to cite a source that has vanished due to link rot?

My colleague is writing a manuscript about a subject that is rarely reported in the mainstream literature (predation events). A few years ago on a fishing forum she found a photograph that ...
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Administrative recognition of frequently-cited unpublished manuscripts

This is not a question about academia per se, but about the academia-administration interface. When I was a postdoc, I wrote a paper that started to be cited quite often (by the standards of my ...
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Add a Collaborative Report in my CV

I'm applying to a PhD program in Biostatistics. Two years ago I was member of a team crew hired by the United Nations to write a report on security. This report was published last year and has my name ...
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Using Tech. Reports to 'protect' IP before presenting unpublished work in a conference

The question is in the title, really. It is similar to other questions, such as: How much information should I divulge about on-going unpublished research at a conference? However, I am wondering if ...
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What is the academic value of a white paper?

I am wondering what constitutes a white paper and what is the academic value of it. I found some information here but I am more after turning an aspect of a research into a white paper. Currently, ...
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Should you cite somebody's Transfer Report? (Confirmation Report)

Context: At UK universities at least, before progressing from the first year of your PhD (or transferring from an MPhil to a PhD), it is required to write a fairly substantial report detailing the ...
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Grey literature, point it out as such in the bibliography?

For my project I rely on several sources of information including such that is not peer reviewed (conference proceedings, industry reports, master thesis, interviews). I wonder if I should mark them ...
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