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On the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) test, a standardized exam that is required for admissions to many graduate schools in the United States.

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Whether to submit mixed GRE scores?

I wrote the GRE recently and got very divergent scores. I scored exceptionally high in Verbal reasoning (168/170, which is 98th percentile) but exceptionally low in quantitative reasoning (147/170, ...
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Is the Analytical Writing of GRE considered separately to the Verbal and Quantitative?

Let's say I took a GRE test and got a perfect 340 score for Verbal and Quantitative sections but very low score on Analytical Writing, and then retake GRE again to improve the Writing score and got 6 ...
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Where can I find gre practice test powerprep solutions?

Where can I find worked out solutions provided by ETS for the GRE practice tests in the powerprep software? Thanks.
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Sent a low optional math GRE score to a Statistics department

I took the Math subject GRE last year (in 2019) and I was not well while taking it, so I could not do well in the exam and got a 50 percentile. When I created my GRE account in ETS, I selected four ...
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Should I take the GRE physics subject test for a chemistry PhD?

I plan on applying to top chemistry graduate programs (MIT, Caltech etc.) I took the Chemistry subject test, score isn't in yet but I think it's with high expected value (because I knew everything) ...
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If I order GRE score reports before my Subject GRE score is available, will schools receive it?

I am planning to send both General and Subject GRE scores to some universities using the "order additional score reports" option. My subject GRE score is not available yet. It would take twenty more ...
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Difficulty of the Mathematics GRE Exam

I've been gathering information about the GRE mathematics subject test. Going over most of the tets available at this link, I see that to get a scaled score of, say, 800+, one now need a higher raw ...
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How important are GRE Quant scores for a PhD applicant for B-schools?

I will be applying for a PhD in Management and Business in non-Math / economics related topics. I have been out of touch with calculus for a few decades and while I am studying hard, I am not sure ...
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Is the GRE experimental section randomly assigned or influenced by program of study?

I heard a rumor on a message board stating that the experimental section of the GRE is influenced by whatever the test-taker chooses as a field of study e.g. the test would add a Verbal section for ...
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How to unreport bad GRE Math Subject Scores?

I am a Masters Graduate in mathematics from India and I am applying for the Fall 2023 Math PhD program. I gave my GRE Math subject exam and my score is 620 (40th percentile). After reading from ...
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Which section of the GRE-General is more important for a math PhD application?

I just finished my second attempt at the GRE General after a 2.5 month interval and my Verbal score suffered due to an unscheduled bathroom break and me thinking that that verbal section was for their ...
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How much later can GRE scores come in after a Jan. 15 masters application deadline?

I am taking the GRE next week, but the universities I am applying to have their deadlines coming up Jan 15th (I graduated early so that's why I wasn't prepared with having already taken the GRE). I am ...
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Should I take GRE again?

I am aspiring to apply for a PhD programm in the US. I would like to apply to Harvard but my GRE math subject scores are at 78%, 820/990, while I hold a masters degree in Pure Mathematics with GPA 9.1/...
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