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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in France, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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Worldwide Dissertation Database? or French, German, Italian ones?

Is there a global/worldwide database of dissertations? If not, how can I access French, German, Italian, etc. dissertations online?
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What are CNRS research units and how are they staffed

The Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) is the major funding body in France. With nearly 32,000 staff members it is bigger than the US NIH and US NSF combined, yet only has a 1/10 of ...
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What are the equivalencies between the higher education in France (Licence - Master - Doctorat) and the higher education in the United States?

In France the higher education is like this: 3 years of "Licence" 2 years of "Master" 3 years of "Doctorat" But what about in the United States? I heard that they have things called "undergraduate",...
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Why are there so many awards in academia in the US compared with academia in France?

I spent a bit of time in France and in the USA. I observed that there are many more awards given to students and academics in the US than there are in France. Is that observation correct, and if so ...
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How are mathematics PhDs from the USA viewed in mainland European universities?

Do American-educated mathematics PhDs generally have an advantage over natively educated PhDs (in, say, France or Italy) in applying for research positions?
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In France, is it possible to research at a postdoctoral level as a freelancer, not being on a regular contract?

Perhaps this question is slightly out of scope for this page, but I still ask here. Can you work for a university/academic institution as a researcher or as a teacher, with the status of a freelancer? ...
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Is it acceptable to publish student names with the label 'stupid question', on a publicly-visible website?

While I was browsing faculty websites, I came across this page (new link: Near the bottom there is a ...
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How to build healthy working relationships with my male colleagues as a young-ish, attractive-ish woman?

I'm a PhD candidate from Asia currently visiting a prestigious university in Europe. Recently I've noticed quite some "strange" behaviours of male "colleagues" around me (by "colleagues", I don't mean ...
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Post Doc application form in France asks for very personal details, is it normal?

I'm trying to get an engineering post doc which I will conduct at a company's R&D labs, however I need to jump through all of the sponsoring university's hoops. I just received their application ...
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Is there an age limit on applications for Maitre de Conferences?

I'm interested in pursuing a permanent, independent research position in neuroscience in France. However, I'm getting conflicting information from different researchers in the country about whether or ...
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What does "masters 2 level" mean?

I saw an offer in a research group described as 'Research position at master 2 level'. Can anyone clarify for me what that means? Is it a 2nd masters or anything else? Does it always need a masters ...
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M1 vs M2 in France: In the French system, which one is designed for those interested in Academia, M1 or M2?

I'm applying for Master's degree in France and have learned that there are two different ones - M1 and M2. I read the answers to this question and a few websites with general explanations, but couldn'...
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What is the process for PhD applications and contacting professors in France?

I would like to apply to a PhD program in France, but I am having trouble understanding the admission process. How should/could I submit my application? Is it proper to contact the Professor I would ...
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Young engineer not wanting to work in academia: is PhD worth it? [duplicate]

I'll soon get my engineering diploma (~MSc, from a "renowned-but-not-in-the-top-3" so-called french grande école). The degree itself is not specialized, but I mainly studied mechanical and industrial ...
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Is there an equivalent in another country of the French "CIFRE"?

A "CIFRE" in French is another type of doctorate where the French government helps to fund a company to hire a doctorand. There are several differences between a CIFRE and a "doctorat&...
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What does "to be enjoyed with all rights and privileges pertaining thereto" mean on a French diploma? [duplicate]

I have noticed that many French diplomas contain the mention "Pour en jouir avec les droits et prérogatives qui y sont attachés", which can be translated into "[The diploma is conferred upon Mr. X and ...
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What is the best way to approach professors in Europe about the possibility of an internship (as an unfunded, international student)?

I live in an Asian country and completed my master's in Math in June 2020. I want to do a PhD in Europe, but I have had some difficulties in finding a suitable position. I do not believe doing a PhD ...
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Translate academic titles (lecturer, assistant and associate professor, tenure track, instructor) in French

I am puzzled how can one translate the following in French? Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Tenure Track, Instructors Does Maître de Conférences translate the first three ...
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How do Funding Opportunities in France work for Foreign PhD candidates?

I completed my masters in mathematics in 2021 and took a break to study more topics in Math before applying for PhD positions. In december, I wrote to a prof of pure math at the Aix-Marseille ...
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the date of PhD award in France

When a person is awarded PhD there is a date the Phd is awarded. This date is later used as an eligibility criteria for fellowship applications (i.e., time passed since the Phd was awarded). In France,...
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How many days should I wait for e-mail of Prospective Supervisor in this condition

I am a citizen of an Asian country who e-mailed a prof in France 4 weeks ago that I am interested in discussing PhD research opportunity in Pure mathematics. He replied 2 weeks ago asking me to send ...
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How to join PhD in Mathematics in France? [closed]

I am interested in joining a PhD program in Mathematics in France. Now I am a Master's degree student in India. My research interests include Differential Geometry (in particular, Hyperbolic Geometry)....
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What is the CNRS? [duplicate]

What is CNRS? From Wikipedia, we learn that CNRS "is the largest governmental research organisation in France and the largest fundamental science agency in Europe."
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