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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Finland, which differs in structure and style from the systems in other parts of the world.

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Is there a maximum time one can hold postdoc positions between the PhD and the more permanent positions in Mathematics?

As the title suggests, I wonder for how long one can hold postdoc positions after having done the PhD (specifically Mathematics, where I am currently a finishing PhD-student). In other words; is there ...
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Failed to submit the final grant report on time

I am working on my PhD thesis. This study was funded the Foundation for Joint Russian-Finnish Scientific Innovation Projects (TEKES - Funding Agency, Finland). The grant consists of two intermediate ...
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Adding a quiz to an application form

I have thought about setting up a quiz as part of a job application form (see background below for details), where I ask about 5 multiple-choice questions which are trivial to answer (or require a ...
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When to start contacting potential supervisors?

I'm a computer science master student, and I'm planning to graduate in spring 2022. In Finland, doctoral programs specifically state that applicants need to find a supervisor before applying. The ...
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Bachelor thesis without a research question

I have been asked to provide feedback regarding a paper a friend of mine has written. I sometimes read scientific research in my free time and I am yet to come across anything similar to what that ...
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Getting a funding position as a foreign MSc student in Finland [closed]

I got an admission for a master’s programme in data science at the University of Helsinki, Finland. However, because I am from Asia, I don’t get a tuition-fee remission. Is it possible for an ...
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Is "BAC+n" understood in Finland?

I am from France and want to find an internship in Finland. Can I use "BAC+n" on my resume? Will it be understood or should I use something else? Maybe the terms License and Master are enough since ...
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What's the admission criteria of a mathematics master program (especially in Europe)? [closed]

My question is about the admission criteria of a mathematics master program. I am at my final year of undergraduate study, and I am going to apply to a mathematics master program (especially in UK and ...
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Advice for applying to phd (in Finland)

I will be graduating with a Master of Science degree from a German University of Applied Sciences in March 2019. My goal is to develop myself more towards research and development, and I want to apply ...
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Expected size of startup package for a tenure-track position in Finland

I have an assistant-professor position in the US, but for personal reasons, I am moving to Europe. I was offered a tenure-track position in Finland. I don't know why but I missed to discuss about the ...
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What does "scientific merits" in a job application mean?

In a job application I should add a description of my "tieteellisistä ansioista", which translates to "scientific merits". (The application is only available in Finnish, in which I am fluent.) The ...
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What does "Experience as a superior" mean?

In the process of applying for a particular faculty position in computer science in Finnland, I got stuck when answering the question Experience as a superior The choices from the dropdown menu ...
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University does not explicitly request either a motivational letter or recommendation letters

I am applying to University of Helsinki for Master degree, just filed the application. But the weird thing about it - they do not explicitly ask neither for letter of motivation nor recommendation ...
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Can a graduate from university of applied science In Finland study higher degrees (Masters and PhD ) outside Finland?

Can a graduate from university of applied science in Finland study higher degrees (Masters and PhD) outside Finland? I know you that can do a Masters inside Finland in any university of applied ...
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