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Questions about higher education in fine arts or performing arts.

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What does being a full-time senior researcher in Latvia entail?

I have a PhD in Art History from a university in the United States. I was wondering what a full-time senior researcher position might entail because this is very uncommon in the United States, ...
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Biology and Physics are to ‘the sciences’ as Fine Art and Theatre Studies are to what? [closed]

I am editing something and am trying to find an alternative to the phrase ‘the sciences and the creative subjects’, as the use of the latter implies that the former are not creative. For context, we ...
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What constitutes an academic publication for people in the Creative Writing field?

Based on my observation, Creative Writing degree programs seem to be heavily focused on learning a few timeless principles of storytelling followed by the production of a massive portfolio of stories (...
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How To List Other Academics' Conference Papers Discussing My Artwork?

I am a Fine Artist, and art historians have discussed my work in conference papers... how would I cite these papers on my CV? Would I include them under "Publications", as I do catalogs, books and art ...
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Where to go after academia in the humanities? [closed]

I am a full prof in the humanities at a small liberal arts college in rural America. I am relishing my sabbatical in a European country with a flourishing economy and appealing culture. I do not want ...
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How to judge the quality of education of an art school?

I know that most question in this community refer to (natural or engineering) sciences. This question is concerned with the quality of higher education in the field of arts though, I hope it is on ...
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Special museum visiting hours for academics?

Anyone who has been to the Louvre knows what a zoo it is. With creaking floorboards and gawking tourists stacked up five deep in front of popular works it is not a conducive environment for study. ...
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Is taking ideas from an art critic plagiarism?

A student submitted a paper in an art history class that contained some ideas from art critics she read about, and whose ideas she agreed with. The student didn't cite the critics as source, but ...
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Can I study Fine Arts at the age of 26/27 [closed]

I am Indian and I don't know , is there any possibilities to join Fine arts colleges at the age of 26/27. My background is Bachelor of Science and working in a small IT company.But I am not happy with ...
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Is a Graduate Performance Diploma considered an academic degree for purposes of PhD admissions or faculty job search?

This question might be appropriate for music SE but I am looking for more academic views. I know of Associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. Inside of these are different fields. I have ...
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PhDs in the arts - what exactly do they do?

I met someone who was doing a PhD in dance. What exactly do those people do? Do they do research in dance? Conduct experiments in dance? Prove theorems about dance? Do they become dance ...
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