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On standards or conventions specific to finance as an academic discipline, and programs that lead to a degree in this field

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Why are not more sophisticated algorithms used to handle the fake paper problem of the science? [closed]

Talking a lot about people in the academic world, I experienced a general unsatisfiedness of the customs of how the funding agencies (mostly, governmental entities) measure the scientific results. ...
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How realistic is it really to transition from an applied maths PhD to a career in finance?

I am currently in my final year of PhD in mathematics (functional analysis of PDEs) at one of the top 3 universities in Japan. I earnt my master's (mathematics) here too, and a bachelor's (theoretical ...
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Choosing Recommendation Letter Writers: Relevance vs. Strength

I'm applying to graduate programs in mathematical finance, after finishing my undergrad degree in applied maths. I'm conflicted about who would be the best choice to write my recommendation letters: ...
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2nd review round, referee did not accept the invitation - what are my options?

On a submission for a 2nd-round revise-and-resubmit in an Elsevier journal, one reviewer who did provide 2 rounds of positive feedback did not accept the invitation to re-review, 40 days after the ...
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Is it bad to be coauthor on a bad paper, or use it as a PhD paper?

I am currently doing my PhD (my third year just started). My field is empirical finance. My PhD consists of writing three papers and is set to last four years. My supervisor does basically nothing. In ...
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Second Master in Finance Engineering (US)

I hold a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from a top university (in Europe). I will finish soon a Master degree in Computer Science in another top university, but with a very strong focus on ...
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Why are so many working papers "killed/buried" in Finance/Economics?

My training is in another discipline but my work has brought me to the finance/fin-econ literature. Recently, I came across a line of work (regarding Executive Compensation) where most of the authors ...
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PhD in Mathematical Finance

I applied to a PhD program in Applied Mathematics, but was accepted to the PhD program in Mathematical Finance instead. It seems that one professor found my background in control theory and signal ...
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Career prospects for mathematical finance researcher

Currently, I am starting the first year of a Ph.D. program in Mathematics with intention to specialize in Mathematical Finance. I have noticed during the application process that this area is rarely ...
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Behavioral finance PhD multi-departmental, which field to apply to?

I am interested in behavioral finance, but could tackle it from various perspectives. I assume that it would be easier to enter through some departments than others, and shouldn’t matter much in the ...
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How math-heavy is graduate quantitative finance?

This post concerns grad school options. I am an undergraduate math major and will soon complete my studies. I am considering finance/financial engineering. How math-heavy is the financial mathematics ...
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Does anyone fund research in mathematical finance?

The question is pretty much the title. If you are an academic, is it possible to get anyone to pay you to do research in mathematical finance? You can interpret the question broadly, to include ...
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What kind of papers do economics and finance students write?

I teach a writing course that has many students who plan to study economics or finance in graduate school. I am not so familiar with these disciplines, but want to make sure these students finish the ...
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