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Faculty are those individuals with teaching and research responsibilities at schools and universities.

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How to put research, teaching and service into a single job talk

I am going to give an on-campus job talk for a TT AP position. According to the searching chair, my talk will include teaching, research, and service philosophy, and other attributes that show me as a ...
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Can I still decline an accepted counter offer before signing a contract?

I am currently in a tenure-track assistant professor (AP) position. About one month ago, I got an AP position offer from a better ranked university, with a good startup package. When I informed my ...
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Is it common for a university to remain unresponsive to queries?

I'm planning to study in the u.k. I've never been to the u.k. but is it common there to remain unresponsive to the students' queries? I've sent a few emails to the student service team for some ...