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How to deal with anxiety and depression after being kicked out of PhD program?

I was kicked out of a programming-oriented PhD program at the end of last summer because I failed one of two qualifying exams; the department is keeping me on assistantship for a semester while I ...
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What is the chance of making a successful appeal to dismissal decision from a PhD program after failing the qualifying exam in the 2nd attempt? [closed]

I’m about to get dismissed from a PhD program because I failed in the 2nd attempt of the qualifying exam. Currently, I'm thinking of the option to appeal the dismissal decision due to a long history ...
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I got kicked out from graduate school in the past. How do I include this on my CV?

I got kicked out from graduate school in the past. The reason was that I had very poor GPA, and I failed to meet the academic criteria (some administrative regulations, nothing personal like ...
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Was forced out of PhD for academic/health reasons, need advice on what to do next

I was accepted into a PhD in maths at a fairly highly ranked school in 2017. My supervisor was known for being quite demanding, but I wanted this because I wanted to push myself, and he is quite well ...
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Half done PhD - is there a way to finish it off at another University?

Sadly I stopped a PhD when halfway through. My Professor left the University, I had some family troubles and lost steam and the University terminated my registration. I would like to finish this PhD ...
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Applying for a new doctoral program after expulsion

I am not prepared to give many details in a public forum - as such this posting will contain intentional generalizations that may be of interest to's research higher studies community help,...
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If a student is dismissed, is (or how is) that indicated on their transcript?

As faculty, I've had to report academic misconduct (usually plagiarism) many times but that doesn't mean I know everything about how it works. My understanding has always been that the only people ...
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Are appeals of termination from PhD programs common and are there any unambiguously successful or unsuccessful approaches to fighting a termination?

I'm currently in the process of appealing a termination from my PhD program and although there are many facts concerning my case that I feel are relevant and important, I'm not sure how relevant they ...
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Research Associate Layoff Advice

About two months ago, I started working at a university lab as a Research Associate. The application stated that 0-2 years of experience was necessary and that training would be provided, prior to ...
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Can I become a professor if I were expelled from the uni?

I’d just like to know your opinion on this issue (whether you think it is ethical or not). The point is, for three years, I was a straight A-student. But towards the final year, I simply started to ...
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How to proceed after academic dismissal from PhD program (plagiarism) and successful completion of master's?

I was dismissed from a (Canadian) PhD program on the charge of plagiarism. I had muddled up sources, and the professor insisted I deliberately did it to get higher grades. My student advocate ...
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How should I apply for readmission to a graduate program from which I had to withdraw due to misconduct caused by a disability? [duplicate]

A few years ago, I was required to withdraw from a PhD Program at my previous institution because of academic misconduct. However, doctors found it was a result of disability. I have spent a few years ...
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Pursuing a new graduate degree after academic expulsion

I was in a master’s program. I completed one year completed, but got expelled due to my GPA dropping below what was needed. I was put on probation and was given one semester to pull up my average by ...
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Would these be adequate grounds for severe reprimand from my undergraduate program? [closed]

I apologize in advance for such a long and possibly bizarre question. I have tried to find an answer to this issue but could not find it anywhere. First I want to provide some context. I was a student ...
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What should I do if I am dismissed from my Physics Ph.D program after my first semester?

I am one month away from finishing my first semester of grad school in a physics Ph.D program. I was admitted to start in the spring semester, as my research advisor was in need of a research ...
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Readmission after leaving for and being dismissed from a different graduate program

Consider this scenario: I enroll in a graduate program at X university. Then I withdraw and enroll in an equivalent program at Y university instead. A few semesters later I get dismissed from Y ...
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Appeal process for PhD dismissal due to health issues

What is the best way to craft the appeal letter based on health issues to have one last chance for taking the qualifying exam? Those health and mental issues have been already documented through a ...
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Generally, what kind of non-academic misconduct can make a student get expelled? [closed]

We all know a student is expelled because he committed something extremely bad. But how is extremely bad? Must the student commit a crime or something? Unfortunately, university policies do not give ...
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