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Questions tagged [evaluation-criteria]

How to appraise or prepare for the appraisal of/by mentors, students, grants, applications, or work performance

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Research indicating that student evaluations should be used for formative rather than summative purposes?

I had a conversation a while back in which someone referred to research indicating that student evaluations of faculty should ideally be used for formative rather than summative evaluation (i.e. in ...
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What are 'Article Influence' and 'CNCI' and how to obtain them?

I've been asked about my Article Influence and my Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI). I have several doubts regarding this: Are they metrics that can be calculated for each article, or, on ...
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Value of multi-author vs single author papers in academic performance review

I am having some disagreement with my VP Academic. She claims that being one of three or four authors (not necessarily the first) in a published paper has the same value of being the only author. ...
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