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How to appraise or prepare for the appraisal of/by mentors, students, grants, applications, or work performance

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Alternative experiemental or evaluation methods for programming language construct (artefact) [closed]

I am writing my B.Sc. in Computer Science. I am currently writing my methods chapter and adhering to the IMRaD structure (
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My institution requires publication in Clarivate-indexed journals - what should I do if paper is accepted by a journal at risk of being de-indexed?

My department requires that papers are published in a journal that has an impact factor and is indexed in Web of Science. I submitted a paper to one of these and went through four rounds of review, ...
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What are 'Article Influence' and 'CNCI' and how to obtain them?

I've been asked about my Article Influence and my Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI). I have several doubts regarding this: Are they metrics that can be calculated for each article, or, on ...
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Research indicating that student evaluations should be used for formative rather than summative purposes?

I had a conversation a while back in which someone referred to research indicating that student evaluations of faculty should ideally be used for formative rather than summative evaluation (i.e. in ...
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Why do I need to declare parallel grant application(s)?

Some funders (e.g. the ÖAW and the FWF in Austria) require the grant/fellowship applicant to declare if they have submitted any other grant application(s) at the same time. (This is asked during ...
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What is it called in academia when a teacher grades low scoring students more leniently than those who score well?

For example, in a classroom, if a group of students score 45%, the teacher tries to help these students by allowing them to take a second attempt exam. At the same time, a student with 70% can't ...
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Peer assessments critical of nervous speakers: better to redact or send as-is?

In the projects of one of my courses, I have asked the students to provide peer assessments of the presentations (recorded as videos) of other groups. Peer evaluations is something I have introduced ...
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Should we include tool usability evaluation based only on the research team opinions in the paper? [closed]

My team is developing a tool which solves certain problems we encountered in our work. We decided to describe the tool in a paper and attempt to publish it. We got stuck on evaluating the usability of ...
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Is it bad to not test the capability of the explainability of the student at the graduate level?

Suppose I am the only instructor for a subject. I need to conduct an exam. I am confused between the following two approaches for designing questions. Approach I: Questions with single line answers ...
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Is your peer-reviewing service ever important for career advancement?

Recently, there have been a couple of active questions on Publons (e.g., Publons - is it a serious thing? and Is it worth creating a profile with Publons?). One of the supposed selling points is that ...
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To what extent is being a quick problem solver (e.g. doing well in brain teasers) predictive of research success?

I hope to begin a PhD in the near future in a technical field. I feel that my strength is in being able to ask interesting questions / come up with a creative high level approach / make new ...
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How do commitees evaluate candidates from foreign / unknown universities? [duplicate]

I'm asking out of curiosity / because I think the answer may be of general interest: A bit of context: When I applied to PhD programs, I had degrees from two institutions. One (let's call it "A") is ...
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Can a thesis not answer the research question and still be good?

I have written a thesis about applying some AI techniques to a simulation that my professor introduced. To make this happen, I had to implement a very large amount of software, because the simulation ...
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Is it okay to judge projects on the basis of how long it took to develop them

I was showing my presentation on a project which I made in java/javafx to this evaluator(i'm a college student). And before I could start explaining the usage he asked me how much time did I spend on ...
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What quantitive metrics would reviewers in order to be presented as candidates for peer review?

I am looking for ideas and suggestions on when someone would have enough experience and expertise to be presented as a potential peer review candidate. I am specifically looking at using review ...
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How to properly assess a student's knowledge of a subject [closed]

Good afternoon, Often times (in my experiences) tests questions are based upon irrelevant specific details that do not necessarily reflect a student's knowledge of the subject matter. For instance, I ...
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precision vs. usefulness [closed]

I presented a testing (specifically, symbolic execution) approach for special language. I have a problem in evaluating my approach. I am going to evaluate correctness and usefulness of the approach. ...
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Measuring Teaching Effectivness

I'm a tenure track professor in computer science at a teaching-oriented university. I still have a number of years before I go up for tenure, but want to start preparing early. One of the metrics I ...
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How do I set goals as a graduate student?

I'm a young graduate student in the physical sciences. As far as I can tell, the purpose of graduate school is to learn to become an independent researcher. This means becoming a good writer, solving ...
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Is it advisable to publish a paper in a Journal Issue edited by my PhD Supervisor? Or is it better to try to publish it somewhere else?

My PhD supervisor is co-editing a Journal Special Issue, in a good journal, even if not top-ranking, with double blind peer-review (three reviewers are asked for the review). And I'm tempted to submit ...
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Parameter quantifying the number of publications expected from a good researcher [closed]

Is there any such notion of parameter that quantifies the number of journal articles someone has to publish to be a good researcher or to obtain his tenure? For instance, how many publications per ...
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When and how did journal publications start to have such an important role in evaluating researchers?

Wikipedia says that Newton published the laws in 1687 on Principia Mathematica. And in another page that: The first recorded editorial pre-publication peer-review occurred in 1665 by the founding ...
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Alternatives to relying solely on student evaluations of teaching to help administrators more accurately assess teaching effectiveness

This question is about my attempt to give the administrators at my institution some feedback on how to better help them assess faculty teaching effectiveness. My institution is soliciting input from ...
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Why does a mathematics department want student evaluations of a famous professor?

If a professor is very famous for his research and belongs to the most prestigious academies of science for his lifetime work, I find it unusual that the math department would ask us to evaluate him. ...
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Does better learning affect teaching evaluations? If so, how?

Arum and Roksa (p. 7) say: Research on course evaluations by Valen Johnson has convincingly demonstrated that "higher grades do lead to better course evaluations" and "student course evaluations ...
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How bad do your teaching evaluation scores have to be before you should leave them off your resume?

I got a 4.0 out of 5.0 on my teaching evaluations. The average grade in my department is a 4.5. Should I put this on my CV/resume? For reference, I am a PhD student and this is the first class I've ...
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Value of multi-author vs single author papers in academic performance review

I am having some disagreement with my VP Academic. She claims that being one of three or four authors (not necessarily the first) in a published paper has the same value of being the only author. ...
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Normalizing grades across multiple graders

We teach a large graduate class with many teaching assistants (TAs), who are involved in grading 4-5 assessments (each contains a large amount of code, and a 4-page report corresponding to the ...
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How do judge the quality of your own PhD?

I'm close to finishing my PhD and I'd like to evaluate the quality of my PhD. I'm doing my PhD in the field of software engineering at a Central European university. My PhD thesis consists of ...
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What do polarized student evaluation results say about my teaching?

I taught my first class last quarter. The results for evaluations are very polarized. The raw data shows that my scores are either very high or very low for a majority of items. That implies some ...
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Should computer science indexing sites be considered in rating research?

I am currently working at a university of applied sciences, in the field of Computer Science. Recently there has been formed a section that is in charge of giving stipends related to research. This ...
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What do those evaluating fellowship candidates look for before accepting them to join their research group/department?

I'm applying for a new fellowship, and I'm wondering what senior lecturers and/or professors of a research group/department look into, for evaluating the fellowship candidates, before accepting them ...
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Effective open-ended student evaluation questions

As we reach the end of the semester, the students in my class are being asked to do their evaluation of my teaching, as is common at most universities. As with most evaluations that I know of, I have ...
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Why do admissions committees consider the Statement of Purpose to be important?

Why do admissions committees consider the Statement of Purpose to be important? Anyone with a command of English should be able to write a Statement of Purpose, in principle, so it seems a poor way to ...
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How to effectively evaluate your instructor?

I am a graduate student and going to assess my instructor in a month, with whom I was not very much satisfied. I had been writing the teachers' evaluation in past but didn't see a scintilla of ...
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Is it good practice to let students consult their text materials during exams?

I teach undergraduate level courses in the humanities. Following practice in my department, I have let students take their texts for consultation during their written exams. They can choose a number ...
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What are predictors of the success of PhD students?

Every year we organize a competitive international call for PhD students (in the area of biology). What measurable criteria should we use to predict their academic success and award them research ...
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Renewal of postdoctoral appointment

I noticed during my application process for post-doc jobs that several say "1-2 year appointment" or "possible renewal for second year". I understand from this answer that it is in everyone's benefit ...
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How does a graduate student judge if one is slacking off?

As a third year graduate student (theoretical physics) I need to find out methods to understand if I am doing well or not, am I making progress or not, am I putting in enough effort or not? How do I ...
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Do teaching evaluations lead to lower standards in class?

In the somehow recent past, teaching evaluations have become obligatory in many universities/departments in Germany. I've also heard that sometimes these evaluations are used in formal ways to decide ...
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Is it possible to measure/evaluate one's progress or development in quantitative terms?

I often end up frustrated over the pace of my work, or rather the lack of "worthy" results. During my feedback talks with my colleagues and superiors I usually get good feedback but I find it ...
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How is Google Scholar changing academic evaluation?

Google Scholar is making it very easy to track (their measure of) citation counts, h-index, etc. for individual researchers. Is this changing how academics are evaluated? Do tenure committees now ...
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What are the essential points that should be covered in a dissertation abstract?

I need to prepare a 2-page abstract of my dissertation as part of a funding application. What are the essential points that such an abstract should cover? This opportunity (and my PhD) is in the ...
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