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Enrollment questions involve issues of the rules and regulations of students taking classes as well as trends and issues of the size of a student population.

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Can I join Master's in CS in Oxford, Mit, University of Edinburgh or similar colleges as a ECE student from India? [closed]

I looked into the colleges given above and under requirements it says that electrical engineers would be eligible for CS degrees. I'm going to study ECE as my undergraduate course. Would that also be ...
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Is it ethical to refuse enrollment of a previously dishonest student if you are the sole instructor for a required course?

I am currently teaching an upper level course, and have caught a student plagiarizing this semester. This course is required by our department for a degree. I have strict policy on my syllabus that ...
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COVID Effect on Enrollment [closed]

I've been wondering how COVID-19 will affect enrollment in US universities. Typically, in economic recessions, which will seem to accompany COVID-19, university and college enrollment tends to go up. ...
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