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On emotional issues such as guilt, discouragement, jealousy, anxiety or feelings of inadequacy affecting academics and researchers.

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How to overcome a reverential fear when meeting the topmost minds in your field? [duplicate]

Once upon a time on one fortuitous conference, I stumbled upon one of the most outstanding and revered academician in my field. I had a nice question nicely formulated in my head, but when I finally ...
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How to say good-bye to an unhelpful and undisciplined professor? [closed]

DISCLAIMER: the following story does not necessarily correspond to the facts in reality. In particular, it does not necessarily correspond to the author of this post and his/her supervisor. I joined ...
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How do I get out of my problem of not achieving results, feelings of worthlessness, guilt and rejection? [duplicate]

I am currently a PhD student in a biomedical related field. I came a long way. I first did my undergraduate and worked for a few years, though not research related. Later, I identified my research ...
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How to balance trying hard in a Master's program with stress of working too hard and not having a life?

I have a nice problem but it's making me miserable. My background is in visual communication and I'm used to getting regular feedback as well as seeing what my classmates are up to. Also, the grades ...
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Quitting after 5 years - miserable and depressed [closed]

I'm a fifth year graduate student in the life sciences. To cut to the chase, I hate this PhD, I hate research and I hate academia. It didn't used to be this way. I have been juggling three different ...
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How to cope with feelings of powerlessness on a PhD?

I am currently a third year PhD student of pure mathematics. I've been dealing with a feeling of burn out for a long time now. Quite frankly I struggle to find interest in anything related to my ...
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How should I control my nervousness, so as not to disturb my presentation on the day of a conference?

My paper is successfully accepted in a very prestigious and reputable conference, to be presented orally in one of the presentation sessions. This is my first time that I am going to give such a talk ...
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How to overcome my resistance to lecturing?

I am in a situation where I have several adult students for an all-day career training program that runs for about a year. So, they and I sit in the classroom most of a normal work-week. I decide when ...
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Can an emotional letter of motivation be harmful in a PhD application?

Today some of my friends were discussing a motivation letter. One friend's application was rejected. One reason his friends find out is that the letter of motivation is very emotional. So I was ...
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Is feeling lonely and uncomfortable in my (foreign) country of study a valid reason to drop out of a PhD?

I've been studying for my PhD in Sweden (I moved from the UK in January 2014). It's been alright. I've had difficulties before, and I've thought of quitting it, but I pushed through. I don't speak the ...
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How do I stop feeling unwelcome in my department?

I could not find a PhD advisor and the person in charge of my PhD program suggested that I leave with a master's degree. He said that I was good at carrying out tasks but I did not have the ...
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How to overcome feeling that published articles lack public interest?

I am a MSc graduate student, still trying to get a PhD position, but with no success at all. During and after my graduation I struggle to publish some articles (right now I got 6, mostly published in ...
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How to comfortably interact with famous professors?

I know that they are "just as human as we are", but I feel somewhat uncomfortable to talk nonchalantly with the top-notch math researchers and professors in my department because of their social ...
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Crippling anxiety when writing grant applications

I find it very difficult to make strong research proposals, where I am trying to convince the audience that my proposal is important (possibly more important than the other applicants'). I write "...
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Overcoming depression and getting back on rails with PhD work [duplicate]

I'm a first year PhD student (computer science), and I've felt that I lost this year up to now due to some life difficulties. I'm getting no financial support and I was forced to teach to get some ...
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My student told me his mother has cancer, what do I do?

Today I saw that one of my students in the class was looking very sad. He sat down at the end of class and he looked like he was in a bad mood. After all the students left the classroom I called him ...
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How do I stop feeling intimidated by my advisor?

Whenever I meet my advisor and interact with him, in class or otherwise, I can't help feeling intimidated. I feel scared of the fact that I may fall below his expectations, and I become tongue-tied ...
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Is it normal to feel dread before starting a faculty position?

I need some advice. After several months of interviews and work, I secured a faculty position at a good business school, which was a relief since jobs are so hard to get around here. Everyone tells me ...
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How to stop feeling guilty about unfinished work?

My biggest challenge as a PhD student is best summarized by the following from PHD Comics: "Piled Higher and Deeper" by Jorge Cham A consequence of working in research is that the ...
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Gap year before post-doc?

I have been in a rush to accomplish academic goals since I remember myself. Started my PhD right after undergrad and did my Masters on the same time. Now I am about to submit my thesis and feel kind ...
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How do I deal with graduate school rejection from an university that I considered easy to get into?

Things you should know: It was not a dream school. It was considered "safe/moderate" i.e. the kind of students who get in have more or less similar profiles like mine. From graduate school student ...
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How should I deal with discouragement looking at others success?

I'm a master CS student. I had so many troubles in my life. I didn't have proper schooling and were in difficult situations which led to me being not so good compared to my peers now at the graduate ...
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How to effectively deal with Imposter Syndrome and feelings of inadequacy: "I've somehow convinced everyone that I'm actually good at this"

Imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon wherein an individual is convinced that they do not deserve the success that they have achieved despite (perhaps extensive) empirical evidence to the ...
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How do I overcome fear of rejection when writing academic papers?

I don't know how to put it. I have never published before. Previously my one paper was rejected, that was because the experiments were not ready and my advisor asked me to still submit it just to have ...
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How to deal with constant pressure given by advisor

I am a third-year PhD student in mathematics from a very reputed institute in my country. I have one problem to share and discuss that is related with my guide. He is a senior professor in our ...
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How should I deal with becoming discouraged as a graduate student?

I am a third year (starting fourth year in the fall) PhD student in mathematics. I've passed all qualifying exams and am currently doing research. As far as I can tell, I am not doing poorly. I have ...
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