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On emotional issues such as guilt, discouragement, jealousy, anxiety or feelings of inadequacy affecting academics and researchers.

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How to respectfully "correct" my supervisor even though normally I'm the one who needs a lot of help?

TL;DR I have made little progress in the time I started working as a PhD student (few months) and I need a lot of help from my supervisor (the professor). I get the feeling that I - or my lack of ...
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How to deal with career anxiety and manage to remain concentrated on the matter in hand?

I am just over 30 years and about to finish my PhD. I will obtain my PhD from an EU country, and I must obtain residence permit to keep staying in EU. My thesis is almost a staple thesis which ...
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Evidence for/against practical exams and their "added stress"

Numerous science course labs (especially anatomy labs) incorporate "practical exams" into their lab assessment. These exams involve having students visit multiple stations containing various visual ...
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Feeling hopeless immediately after starting my MSc

I recently started my Master's in Physics. My Bachelor's was not in Physics, but all of my research was. I worked with a very supportive supervisor who wanted me to do my Master's thesis with him. He ...
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Criticizing students (in an emotional way)?

My question is about interacting with students/colleagues, and criticizing them specifically, and to what extent a certain kind of criticism is productive. I hope this will not become about "...
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Regret of leaving the opportunity to work on highly funded topics for something not so rewarding. How to stop remorse?

My materials science PhD group works on two different fields. Most of them work in battery technology while I am few others work in mechanical behavior of materials in aerospace materials. I was ...
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