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On standards or conventions specific to economics as an academic discipline, and programs that lead to a degree in this field

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One more undergraduate year for grad school?

Would spending one more year as an undergraduate adversely affect my chances of getting into a graduate program? I wasn't really thinking about economics PhD until recently so my GPA is not too ...
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Is it possible to become a professor in a field where you don't have a PhD degree?

I am a economics major student who will be applying for PhD programmes pretty soon. I am quite interested in economics, but I find myself even more interested things related to probability theory, ...
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Publishing similar/same paper twice? (regarding Economics Letters journal)

I've always been under the impression that you're only allowed to publish 1 result in 1 journal. However, Economics Letters states: For instance, a theorist could submit to Economics Letters a ...
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How much of an onus is on the teacher in an undergraduate course?

I am an assistant professor at an undergraduate college in India. I teach a rigorous compulsory course in microeconomics, requiring some intermediate-advanced math knowledge. There is no add/drop ...
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Appropriate time to announce current research topics

I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the field of economics and I'm starting to make significant head way into my research and submitting articles to journals. I get a really strong vibe in the ...
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Is it possible to gain admission to an engineering master's program without an undergraduate engineering degree? [duplicate]

I tried to search for this and could not find it. This is my first stack exchange post so go easy please. Here is my situation. I have an undergraduate degree in economics from a top tier economics ...
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Using color in figures for economics journals [duplicate]

Is it common for economics journals to publish figures in color online and black and white in print? If so, would it be best to submit the color version? And, in the color version, should I ...
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Can I publish research as "working paper" after journal submission?

I am aware that (at least in the field of economics) typically one first publishes their research as a working paper and later on submits to journals. (Where "later on" could be as short as the same ...
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