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Questions tagged [ecology]

Ecology is an academic field studying the relationship between living things of the same or different kinds. Ecology is a branch of biology.

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2 answers

Canadian citizen seeking research opportunity in an American Laboratory

I'm an undergraduate student in Biology located in Montreal, Canada. I've contacted a researcher at Stanford University and he's interested in hiring me. Since this is a very expensive place to live ...
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What are the main practical complications/challenges to using Linux as your full time OS, particularly as faculty in Biology/Ecology?

I am an ecology post-doc and considering switching from Windows to Linux for my main work computer (I am not a mathematical modeller). I have used Linux before and I am aware that, with effort, one ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is it worth the risk to apply to REUs? How likely am I to be accepted? [closed]

I am applying to biology REUs(Research Experience for Undergraduates) this summer. Would a white female junior from a small R2 university, 3.9 gpa, and one summer of research experience be likely ...
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Switching field after a PhD in math

I am about to finish a PhD in mathematics with a thesis in an area in between differential geometry and PDE. I still have more than half a year, but I want to start thinking about my future. In the ...
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Time overlap between two postdocs? Simply keep two affiliations or quit the first position earlier?

My current postdoc position will end in few months, so I started to apply for another postDoc position abroad. Shortly, if I would get the second position, there might be about two months overlap ...
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