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On the use and abuse of drugs by academics. This includes alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco; medical, recreational, and performance drugs; legal and illegal drugs. Do not use this for drug-related research.

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What can happen if I do not disclose a conduct violation from grad school when applying to a new grad school?

I just received a conduct violation at my current grad school for a failed drug test when trying to attain a new internship. I had been taking CBD gummies that caused me to fail. I now have been ...
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Are PhD studies in molecular science possible following revoked RN license due to drug use (fired, but no criminal charges)

I have a former nursing student who "gave up" his RN license due to drug use (not being sober). He has been sober for 20 months, but can't get his license for another 2 years of proven ...
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Marijuana use and job/grant opportunities

I am now living in a state (in the US) where marijuana is legal (for recreational use) and I'd like to be able to try it. However, I am concerned that doing so might effect my job or grant prospects ...
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Tenured professor’s husband convicted of a drugs-trafficking felony – are there any career implications? [closed]

At the university I work at in the US, a tenured professor’s husband has been convicted of drugs trafficking. Would there be any likely (career) implications for the professor? Obviously, their ...
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How can I cope with withdrawal symptoms from addiction while pursuing my PhD? [closed]

I am currently in the early stages of recovering from an addiction. I am finding it very hard to concentrate on my work due to withdrawal symptoms. How can I cope with this situation with a minimal ...
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Drinking and writing [closed]

This may be a sensitive subject given the subject matter. But I have currently experiencing significant writers’ block when it comes to writing my statement of purpose and personal statement for ...
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U.S.C. sex and drugs scandal: would attending such a graduate school hurt one's chances at an academic career?

The University of Southern California (U.S.C.) medical school is currently rocked by a sex and drugs scandal involving the dean of the school -- and possibly other faculty and administrative leaders ...
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Is it ethical for students to consume Adderall during university courses, if they don't have ADHD?

Assume a student in the United States who has access to Adderall despite not suffering from ADHD. Would it be ethical for them to take the drug during their studies? Assume that the school is within ...
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10 votes
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Should I report a labmate who is into drugs?

I am a second-year PhD student in the US. I work in my lab during the night-time. I find that one of the senior PhD students in my lab is into drugs big league. I would not mind that if it were not to ...
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Is it fair for me to drink caffeine during tests?

For some of my more difficult and early morning tests, I will buy coffee and bring it with me into the exam. My hope is that the caffeine will help me be fully alert, think more clearly, and write ...
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Reference on abuse of stimulant medications among professors to enhance academic performance?

Various research articles1 have been published on the prevalence of stimulant medicine (Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin) abuse among undergraduate students. By "abuse of stimulant medicine," I am ...
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Is it acceptable to drink alcohol in front of senior staff during semi-official occasions?

I am a graduate student, and because of the department's projects, partnerships with other institutions, and conferences, I am often out of office with the senior staff (supervisor, department head, ...
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