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Questions regarding the filing and organizing of digital and physical paperwork, articles etc.

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8 answers

Good practices for organizing notes

As a PhD student I generate a lot of pages with calculations, ideas and lecture notes. Most of them are useful only for a short amount of time, but some may be important for much longer (when writing ...
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How to manage theorist's "labbook"?

Question: Are there any guidelines, sources, or examples of good practices for maintaining theorist's research notebook? Motivation and context: Maintaining a lab notebook is a much advised (if not ...
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Should I use reference manager software?

Should I use software for managing my references? What is the benefit of it? I can write down the references by myself, so I'm not sure what the benefit is.
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Best practices for organizing digital and physical articles

As a thirsty graduate student, I've amassed a burgeoning collection of research articles in both paper and digital formats. Right now I manage PDFs and references with Zotero, but I'm still searching ...
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Organizing data and files

Over the last four years I did a bunch of experiments (biotechnology, protein purification). Some of them are more valuable, some of them were just poorly designed (e.g. temperature not controlled, ...
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