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Questions tagged [disciplinary-action]

Internal procedures within an academic institution to determine culpability and decide punishment for transgressions which are not violations of the sovereign state's laws but of internal codes of conduct, bylaws or ethical principles. Also, the actions meted out at the conclusion of such procedures.

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3 answers

How did medieval universities discipline?

How did medieval universities discipline their students? What classroom management techniques did they use?
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How should I approach my academic dishonesty in graduate study application?

In my junior year I was caught cheating. I took in extra papers in an exam and tried to look up information on them (honestly, this was deliberate cheating). I have received the following sanctions: ...
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Can I offer my students a cash reward? [closed]

Disclaimer: I am not thinking of actually doing this. This is just a random shower thought that I had. I am a non-tenured adjunct instructor. Would I be disciplined or lose my job if I announced to my ...
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How can I prove that my students bought their exam answers?

If you google some obvious search phrases, you will find a number of web sites where students can pay people to take their online exams for them. If I am convinced that a student has used such a ...
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What would be a fair and deterring disciplinary sanction for a student who committed plagiarism?

As a program director for a Masters degree in a business school, I am curious to know about higher education policies regarding disciplinary sanctions for plagiarism. This is for both official rules ...
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Do graduate schools check the disciplinary record of PhD applicants? [closed]

Do Physics (STEM) graduate schools in the US check for disciplinary record if they don't ask for it in the application? The outcome of the violation doesn't appear on my transcript. Only way a ...
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14 votes
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Are there academic institution-specific equivalents to attorneys (a professional who assists in navigating conduct and justice systems)?

There's an interesting question over at Law.SE on the possibility of suing a university over what the OP saw as unfair disciplinary practices. I have often wondered... Is there a type of professional ...
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2 answers

How to check whether a student faced disciplinary action

I reported a fellow classmate's verbal abuse to my professor and an associate dean at my school in a previous semester. I showed proof as I was reporting the incident. Their response to me was merely ...
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47 votes
6 answers

When to give up seeking justice after you've been plagiarized?

I found that a Ph.D. student, recently graduated, plagiarized over a dozen passages from a book I based on my own Ph.D. dissertation of some years ago. Their dissertation is on the Internet, which is ...
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I'm applying to transfer, and am filling out the Common App. Should I put Yes to disciplinary action? [closed]

I am currently applying to transfer colleges, and one of the questions the Common App asks is: Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at any educational institution you ...
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40 votes
3 answers

Is supporting Sci-Hub illegal/unacademic?

In the classroom, one of the students asked me about Sci-Hub. I answered that I like the idea as I am against the tyranny of publishers. As a fun fact, I added that I have even donated to Sci-Hub. ...
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Applying for a new doctoral program after expulsion

I am not prepared to give many details in a public forum - as such this posting will contain intentional generalizations that may be of interest to's research higher studies community help,...
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How is rude, unprofessional behavior by one student toward another student handled in graduate school? [closed]

I just received a confirmation from my graduate program adviser that I successfully completed my two-year-long master's program. I had a negative experience in my second year because of a mandatory ...
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11 answers

How can I avoid inadvertently offending my female peers and getting into trouble for it?

Attention has been drawn recently to an incident that occurred at a scientific conference and its sequelae described in this article: The fuss started when [Prof. X] and [Prof. Y] ended up in the ...
36 votes
10 answers

Does two lines of copied code constitute plagiarism?

I copied (and failed to cite) two lines of code from the OpenJDK source for an undergraduate Data Structures project. Yet, the code comparison shows an alarming amount (40%) of similarity. Here is the ...
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What action can be taken if hostel allotments are not out just after admissions are done? [closed]

I just joined a university for my post graduation studies, but as I'm from a different country, I don't have a place to stay. Therefore, I asked the hostel prefect if I can stay in a room as a paying ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Can departments sanction students who do not take sufficient precautions to protect their work?

One of my colleagues was teaching an introductory programming course this past spring. He discovered several students cheating by taking code from a public GitHub repository, which contained all the ...
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43 votes
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Dismissed from PhD program and reapplying; how to answer question about dismissal?

My story is that the research in my department did not match with my background. I worked hard and my GPA is 3.5+, but the research topic was hard to develop. Unfortunately, I was dismissed from the ...
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How might being disciplined for participating in a non-violent protest on a public college affect my academic career?

I go to a government-owned school that has certain policies regarding a student's speech, namely: That speech shall not be discriminatory/offensive. That on-campus protests take place only at a "Hyde ...
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How should a university deal with outsourced essay writing?

My campus is full of flyers, typically attached to lightposts and so, advertising to write essays for money. There's plenty of such services offered on the internet as well. Presumably, many ...
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What should a regretful student who is caught plagiarizing do to move forward?

I'm a high school student also enrolled in a computer science class at a local college, and earlier this week I noticed that my grade for the class had dropped. I checked the online gradebook after ...
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Didn't pay attention to rules and created an illegal note card for exam?

For final exam in my university chemistry class, a note sheet, 8 by 11, was allowed. You could put anything on the sheet, however it was to remain 1-sided. Of all things, I forgot about the last rule, ...
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129 votes
19 answers

I was caught cheating on an exam, how can I minimize the damage?

I got caught cheating in a two-hour engineering exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions which was done online through the moodle e-learning software. I feel like my life is almost over. ...
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Do universities have a comprehensive reference document for all their policies and regulations?

As an organization, a university has various types of regulations (academics, disciplinary, etc), which are separately documented. Do (at least) large universities prepare a comprehensive book ...
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Should a dismissal from PhD in graduate application be listed as academic misconduct?

I'm wondering whether dismissal / withdrawal from a PhD program should be listed as disciplinary action on subsequent applications. A Master's program application usually asks questions like: Have ...
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