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On standards or conventions specific to the higher education system in Denmark, which may differ in structure and style from the systems in other parts of Europe, America, Asia, or Oceania.

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How may the budget to recruit an assistant professor be a challenge (for a university) after all interviews at the decision-making time?

I've been involved in a recruitment process of a Danish institute for an STEM-based tenure-track position. I was invited to a first, a second, and a third interview in the span of only 10 days. At the ...
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Two masters at the same time, Sweden and Copenhagen. Possible? Advice?

I'm moving to Malmö, Sweden in three months and I just got admitted to a Master's programme in Lund university. I also applied to University of Copenhagen for a different set of master's programmes, ...
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MSCA Postdoctoral fellowship taxes in Denmark

I was recently awarded a MSCA postdoctoral fellowship to conduct research at the university of Copenhagen in Denmark, and I am now trying to figure out the taxes on the fellowship. It boils down to a ...
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One page PhD research proposal in marine biology - Denmark

I am applying for a marine biology orientated PhD in Denmark and they ask for the following: A research proposal/description of your approach to the above project (max one page excluding references) ...
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Starting PhD, university says I don't have to sign contract

I am starting my PhD in three weeks in Denmark. In Denmark, it is usual that PhD students are formally employees of the university but also have student status. I have received recently my employee ...
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From post-assessment to interview in a faculty recruitment in Denmark

I have heard about cases in Denmark where candidates for a faculty position got through an assessment by some committee members as "qualified" but did not get interviews eventually. What is ...
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two body problem - tenure track and PhD

My partner is currently interviewing for tenure track positions. I am a first year PhD students and We would ideally like to be in the same city. Ideally I would like to find a co-superviser to ...
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Can I get admitted to a master's program at top European university with an average GPA?

I study business economics, and I would like to study abroad in Denmark, precisely in Aarhus. I've already talked with the staff via email, and despite the fact that they are a top university in ...
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Is there any job security for tenured academics in Denmark?

There recently was some bad press regarding job security for tenured academics in Denmark. A critical article in a newspaper edited by University of Copenhagen employees mentions the firing of two ...
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Switching between postdoc fellowships

I am non-EU citizen working as postdoc at a university in Denmark. Not so long ago I won two postdoc fellowships, of which I accepted one, and that's where I am currently getting my salary from. I can ...
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Which are the funding options for a Postdoc in Denmark?

I am willing to apply for a position in Denmark at Copenhagen university. However, the putative PI told me that has no money to fund a postdoc position and recommended some fellowship options to apply....
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PhD or postdoc salary in Denmark according to the cost of living. Is it OK?

I´d like to know if the average salary for a PostDoc and a PhD student is sufficient for a middle income expectations in Denmark. What I mean for middle income is for the two of us (1 PostDoc and 1 ...
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Danish Assistant Professor job offer and recognition of Master's degree [closed]

I am happy to have received a job offer from a Danish university and we are currently discussing the salary. The salaries in Denmark are negotiated by a collective agreement and there are fixed scales ...
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ECTS average mark?

I studied in Denmark, where degree results are compared by average marks, amongst other things. There are conversion tables for converting individual marks into ECTS marks, however I could not find ...
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Do you know any country like Denmark returning an assessment for the job application?

I applied for a faculty position at a Danish university. My application was unsuccessful but they sent me a detailed assessment of my application clarifying why I was not selected. I was impressed. ...
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Postdoc interview presentation "of yourself and your research"

I applied for a postdoc position in Denmark and was invited to an interview. The interview includes a ten minute presentation "of yourself and your research" targeted towards master students (the ...
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How does the quality of a PhD differ in Germany, Denmark, Sweden?

I am planning to apply for a PhD position in Computer Science but haven't decided yet which country to study in. So far I found interesting universities / research groups in Germany (where I am ...
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Are Masters' degrees in Sweden and Denmark free?

Information on the internet is not clear, hence my question. I have read that masters in Denmark and Sweden are free for Europeans. I am from Spain, so I could potentially apply. My questions: is ...
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How independent is an assistant professor in Denmark?

In Denmark, an assistant professor is at the same level as a postdoc in terms of their salary scale. I believe assistant professors in Denmark can do independent research and can apply for their own ...
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How does academic hiring work in the humanities in Denmark?

I have applied for an academic job at a good university in Denmark, but as a non-Dane I've been trying to learn about how the hiring process works. Can someone explain to me the various steps in the ...
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How long should I wait after PhD interview in Denmark?

I had a PhD interview last week, the professor send me an email: Thanks for taking the time to participate in the Skype interview. We are a bit delayed in making decisions, but I to get back to you ...
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