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Questions tagged [defense]

Questions relating to the defense of a thesis and the process surrounding it, such as the grading system of a thesis, who may come to a thesis defense, the duration of a thesis defense session, etc.

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8 answers

What makes someone deserving of a Ph.D.?

Few days back while attending a thesis defense, one Professor was asking the defender why does he think, he deserves the degree. I was wondering since then, is there really any general answer for that?...
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4 answers

What questions to prepare for PhD defense?

I will soon defend my PhD in social science in Sweden. I want to ask what questions the evaluation committee will ask me during the defense? If they ask me some questions outside my thesis, what ...
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33 votes
3 answers

How would one fail a master thesis defense?

So I have to defend my master thesis in computer science in two weeks. It's in Germany and the thesis is 30 credits. I'm wondering what could make someone fail his defense? In my thesis I mainly ...
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What title do you hold after you've defended but before you graduate?

Two friends successfully defended their dissertations yesterday, and many people have congratulated them, calling them Doctor so-and-so. I explained to my wife that they actually don't have that title ...
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43 votes
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My PhD defense is next week and I am having negative thoughts about my work and knowledge. Any advice on how to tackle this?

I am presenting my PhD thesis in front of my committee next week and I feel that I have just not done enough. My work is simple and I also feel that I have poor theoretical foundations and am going to ...
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22 votes
3 answers

I conceptually understand a result, but not its mathematical implementation – how can I defend using it?

There is a particular result from another author that I wanted to use in my research which is a central component to my research question (it’s an animal’s growth rate). However, deriving the results ...
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22 votes
10 answers

Is it appropriate to bring coffee and cookies to a PhD defense?

First of all, I've already asked my adviser about this, but I just want to see what is the overall idea of the community on this. In Mexico it is usually required for the student to do this, but that ...
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17 votes
4 answers

What to wear for a PhD/ MSc thesis defense?

Is it better to wear formal clothes for a PhD or MSc thesis defense or can we wear something as simple as a T-shirt?
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7 votes
4 answers

How far can one expect a external examiner to travel to be on defence/viva committee?

I'll base the scenario of this question on the PhD thesis defence committee recommendations in place in my university in Ireland. Similar may apply to other countries. A PhD Defence/Viva committee in ...
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Benefits to supervisor presence at viva in the UK?

I was wondering if anyone can help me decide if I should ask my supervisor to be present at my Viva.
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2 answers

Supervisor continues to boss me around long after I left the university

I have submitted the PhD thesis for examination more than 2 months ago. I am currently working with full time job as a researcher in industry. While I am still subject to my supervisor as I have yet ...
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Math PhD viva (UK): what to expect

My viva is coming up in a few days and I'm a bit worried. I'm in a UK institution. I want to know how technical will the questions be? I won't be able to remember complicated proofs even though I ...
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Phd defense jury in Belgium

I have been invited to be an external jury member for a PhD defense at a Belgian university. Apart from reimbursement of my travel expenses, am I going to be paid for this work? In UK (where I am ...
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2 answers

What are the restrictions placed by copyright laws on reuse of figures in dissertation defense?

In some sense this question follows the question: Is it necessary to obtain permissions for copying figures from published articles in your proposal/dissertation? Following F'x's advice and my own ...
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Having a co-author as an external examiner for doctoral thesis defense

I'm a PhD student in Computer Science in the UK. I had co-authored a paper with a Lecturer from another university (not any of my supervisors, just someone's work I'm building upon) in my first year. ...
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2 answers

What are the most important things to include in your thesis defense presentation?

If you are creating a simulator of the existing system then should you present the details about the system or your simulator? or both? How technical you should go in your defense presentation? I ...
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Is it possible that my previous "milestone projects" (Master's thesis, quals project, doctoral dissertation) will be audited? [closed]

This post is also a bit of a follow up to this one: Found an error in one of the questions that appeared on screen for my dissertation study. Could this be an issue for my dissertation defense? Due to ...
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