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On the dedicating a thesis, book or other piece of academic work to somebody.

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Dedication on submission?

Suppose I had a professor X Y who was prominent in my field. May I include the dedication "To my teacher professor X Y" in a submission, for a journal which practices blind submissions?
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Is it okay to add a sympathy message or dedication to a victims of recent natural disaster to an academic acknowledgment?

So in my home country there has been a recent devastating natural disaster, I would like to add a message in the acknowledgments to my current paper before submitting it regarding this. Would it be ...
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How to properly acknowledge an old famous mathematician in my article?

I am a Ph.D. student in mathematics. I have worked on a project and wrote a paper. A reputed old mathematician, who is not my supervisor but is an excellent and friendly human, in my opinion, ...
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Can I dedicate my dissertation to my previous advisor?

My dissertation advisor & Chair was professor A. He all of a sudden was severely ill and left the program right before I proposed my dissertation study. I built the study under his supervision, ...
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Dedicating PhD thesis to my Dad who recently passed away

I lost my Dad while waiting for the examiners reports of my thesis. In my final copy I would like to include a dedication page to him (in addition to the general acknowledgements page), but I'm not ...
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Does dedicating to god undermine my aspiration on research in-front of review panel?

I need to submit and present well documented research reports of mine to a panel of experts. It is well known that there is a custom of including dedication page to any significant reports. I want to ...
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Is it ok to include an epilogue dedicated to colleagues who passed away in the end of the manuscript?

We are writing a dedication in the form of an epilogue to honour our colleagues who recently passed away. Both colleagues have substantially changed our field and we believe they deserve to be ...
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How formal should the dedication section in a master thesis be? [closed]

I want to make a little practical joke in the dedication of my master thesis. It's nothing extraordinary, and it's harmless, but it is all but formal. I searched around and found this answer that ...
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Writing a paper on occasion of birthday

My colleague and I intend to prepare a paper on occasion of our advisor's birthday (he turns 65 in two years). As the preparation and publishing of a math paper takes some time, I commenced planning ...
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Appropriateness of dedicating my thesis to a Jewish mathematician who died in a concentration camp

I am a Muslim student in a non-Arab country. Would it be unwanted/inappropriate for me to dedicate my thesis on Tauber theory to Alfred Tauber, and more generally to all those Jewish mathematicians ...
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When can scientific publications have a dedication?

Under which circumstances can a scientific publication have a dedication? It is not uncommon for theses (Bachelor, Master, PhD, ...) to have a dedication. Furthermore, some big publications in high ...
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Dissertation tribute/acknowledgement

I've recently completed my dissertation and would like to know the correct way to add a few words of tribute to a late family member. I'm aware of adding an acknowledgements section, but I am not too ...
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Dedication page in undergraduate thesis [duplicate]

Is it considered embarassing if adding a dedication to the family on the second page and giving credit in the acknowledgement section in the end for the support during hardships in an undergraduate ...
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Is it customary to include a dedication in an honours thesis?

I am compiling my thesis, and have noticed that the LaTeX template that I am using provides space for a dedication. Whilst I do have an individual whom I want to credit with being a source of ...
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