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For questions related to data science as an academic subject.

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Data Science undergrad degree from business school isn't what I expected to be [closed]

I chose a data science undergrad degree in the best-ranked business university in Peru (where I live). I've always been very interested in math and in programming so I thought I made a great decision. ...
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Summer internship with no experience in sub-field

I am graduating in a few months with a BSc in Computer Science. I am applying to summer research internships for Data Science. I have done 2 research internships in the past, both related to NLP. The ...
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Preparation for data scientist interviews for final year PhD student [closed]

I would like to check/ask if there is anything particular that I need to prepare for data scientist interviews. I am quite unsure/lost about the requirements since I am coming from academia (see my ...
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France M2 admission [closed]

I have just finished my bachelor’s degree in maths (180 ECTS). I am currently starting my master’s degree in Data Science at the University of Luxembourg. In my first year I will accumulate 60+ ECTS. ...
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Can you work in physics research with a data science degree?

I just finished my first year studying physics but honestly I didn't like it at all. I started studying a day before every exam and skipped almost every class. However, I love physics, I read books at ...
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How would Industry experience in a related field likely affect a PhD applicant's chances?

I am interested in a PhD in Data Science program that was recently started at my alma mater university. I received my Master's in Health Informatics from this university, and following graduation I ...
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Can a data science postdoc improve their chances in industry as a pure science graduate?

Long story short, I defended my PhD in pure mathematics in a top-tier university in Europe but decided I'm saturated with the toxic mentality of the group so I wanted to look for a position in the ...
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Computer Science Phd with BSc Econ and MSc Social Data Science

Hi I am curious to know whether my background will be at all competitive for a Phd in computer science. My research interests currently mainly lie in Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback, both ...
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Getting a teaching job after completing PhD

My friend is very fond of studies. Her father couldn't fund her further studies after her bachelors, so she joined jobs. She left her job at the age of 40 and completed her master's degree in computer ...
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Career options after Ph.D. Data Science in academia

What are the different options available to earn one's living, after completing PhD in Data Science, at the age of 50 or 55? I have completed my Masters in my early 40s and got a job from campus. My ...
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Scientific data science conferences and journals [closed]

I would like to know which data science conference and journals exist out there. I do not mean business conferences that discuss data analytics (despite calling it data "science"), but ...
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2nd master's degree in "slightly-different" field?

I was accepted to a master program in data science in the UK. However, I am also interested in specific program on machine learning at another institution also in the UK. The thing is that my data ...
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Should I do a PhD or Master in Statistics for a career in Data Science?

I am a Mathematics student with a concentration in Applied and Computational Mathematics. I have done a Mathematics research project with a faculty member, which resulted in a co-authored paper being ...
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Is the Journal of Data Science still alive?

Does anyone one know whether the Journal of Data Science is still working or not? I have noticed that the journal's website ( has not been updated since last year.
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