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Questions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on academic institutions, staff, students, and other stakeholders.

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Did any universities publish an official analysis on how successful remote learning has been during the pandemic?

Most universities around the world have now completed at least a year in remote-first mode due to the COVID pandemic. Some countries have been lucky enough to avoid/supress a major explosion of cases (...
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Will university marks/qualifications obtained during the pandemic largely through online assessment hold reduced value as we progress back to normal?

Do you think when we reach a point where students/graduates can be separated into pre-covid, during covid, post-covid, that the world - for the purposes of postgraduate admissions, employment - will ...
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APA7 citation - What to use for 'location' of an online conference poster/presentation

Since there's quite a few online or virtual (i.e. not in person) conferences happening these days (e.g. the 2020 AGU Fall Meeting), what do people use for the 'Location' field in a full citation? ...
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Is there a repository for copyrighted academic video lectures?

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread out everybody’s moving to teach online. Would it be possible to post online my video lectures, without sacrificing copyrights, i.e. posting them with a warranty that (...
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Tools for Asynchronous Virtual Conferences in COVID-19 Aera

Due to COVID-19, we decided to move our conference to a virtual event. Since we have a problem in our community with different timezones we want to have not a synchronous event (i.e. a big telco with ...
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Can admission/funding (PhD) of international student be cancelled due to corona virus situation?

Is it possible that a school cancel the admission and/or funding of an international student because he/she cannot travel because of the current travel bans? What are the possible scenarios for the ...
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COVID-19 and decrease in research productivity

I wonder if there are any statistics or study analyzing the impact of isolation, teleworking due to COVID-19 pandemic on res.earchers' productivity. From the beginning of the pandemic, I really feel ...
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Cheating tendencies for open- versus closed-book online exams

Like many faculty, I am forced to give online exams for the first time this semester. (See I need help adapting my academic workflow to the COVID-19/coronavirus crisis – where do I start? for ...
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Accepting a graduate program. Enrollment in two graduate programs? Transferring Universities

I work at University A. I applied to UA's MA program and was accepted. It starts in the summer. Because I already work for UA, my MA is funded and I've already taken several classes at non-degree ...
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