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For issues related to required or advised confidentiality in academia.

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I'm doing an industrial PhD. How to convince the company to let me publish my source code?

I'm pursuing an industrial PhD within a company in the context of an European project, having two directors: one from the company and another from the university. The topic of my PhD is related to ...
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Are PhD applications confidential in the USA?

I came out on the diversity portion and I am having deep regrets and fears that anybody outside the admissions committee sees it. I doubt anybody on admissions even cares but I need to know that such ...
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Review confidentiality vs Collaborator Interest conflict

The prevailing view at Are abstracts confidential during the review process? is that all information in the review process is considered confidential, including the information sent to you before you ...
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Can a professor ask students to upload a picture ID?

This week I had a midterm exam which wasn’t mandatory, but the professor provided it so we could improve our grades. Along with the instructions that was listed, there was a line which says have your ...
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Adding co-author without consent of all co-authors [closed]

I have been collaborating with an individual on a scientific paper. I have documents showing that this individual has shared the paper content with other people. Also, the individual has added co-...
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Is it okay to mention what a different chair is working on?

I'm a university student and am looking for a master's thesis topic. I also have a job at a company and this company is cooperating with a chair / staff of a chair (i.e. people working for a teaching ...
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Should I discuss with professor before joining research internship? [closed]

Hypothetically: a MS student, and have an offer for an internship related to what I've been academically working on. I know some information on the current projects of the people that work in the same ...
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Is it ok (ethically speaking) to rename features of a dataset for publishing?

I work in the machine learning field where I deal with datasets provided by an industrial partner, and one concern of the project is the confidentiality of the data. My team is working on a fault ...
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Non-confidential student support letter for a teaching award [closed]

My home faculty announced a call of nominations for a teaching award. I am confident that my teaching contributions have been substantial and wish to be recognized. So I contacted the selection ...
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