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Questions tagged [conclusion-section]

On the section of a research paper, thesis, or other piece of writing commonly referred to as the "Conclusion" section. This section is characterized by summarization and contextualization of a paper's results.

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Is it always essential to include "extensions of our work" in the discussion section of a paper?

I am an early career researcher and have written a couple of papers already in statistics. Usually, I include a line or two on "possible extensions of our work" in the Discussion/Conclusions ...
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How is the section in the evaluation called where you discuss the practical use of an artifact?

my supervisor recommended me that I add a section that discusses the application of the artefact that I previously evaluated in a research environment in a real-world use case. I should use runtime (...
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How to write well-balanced conclusions? To re-describe findings, make statement, make implication? [closed]

Conclusions are so important. However, there seem to be many ways of writing them. How to write well-balanced conclusions? I give a simple made-up example. The example simply says that care was ...
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What should a technical thesis' conclusion entail of?

I can't speak for other CS students but I personally don't have much imagination regarding what to write sometimes. I have nearly finished finalizing my thesis regarding a Rubik's Cube Solver I have ...
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Is it a good idea to add cross references in conclusion

Is it a good idea to add cross references in Conclusion section of a research article? For example, can we refer to results described in previous section of paper in the conclusion section? Any ...
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What to include in Abstract and Conclusion (and what not to include) of article

What I have understood till date is that abstract summarizes the work done in the research article (Journal + Conference), and so does the conclusion section. However, the conclusion section not ...
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Conclusion of an Important Article [duplicate]

Let's say I solved a million dollar problem [for instance P = NP] and wrote a paper describing my proof. Let's assume the conclusion starts like this: Proposed algorithm, as far as our analysis goes, ...
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Conclusions section in a letter: To give a peek into new findings (not reported in letter) or not

Perhaps because this is my first letter, that I am writing independently, I don’t have a good grasp of the amount of significant results that need to be in the letter, to be published in the journal. ...
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Reviewers asked me to make my conclusion more "analytical" - how?

The editors of my peer-reviewed article asked me to write a more analytical conclusion, one that is more conclusive...Any pointers on how I can make it more analytical and less of just a synthesis? ...
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Does a literature survey/review paper require a 'Conclusion' section?

It is clear how a conclusion is necessary for an original research article as it summarized the main aspects of the procedure, experimental results, or inferences drawn from the results. But in a ...
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