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Questions about athletics in the academic environments such as universities sports teams, group sports, individual training programs, sports facilities, etc.

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Doing a PhD at a famous football school: how can I ask for time off to attend games?

Consider a famous football school in the U.S., for example Penn State, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Auburn, and Ohio State. I am doing a PhD in a STEM field at one of these schools, and on 6 or 7 ...
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Are athletes' college degrees discounted by employers and graduate school admissions?

This question and the pertinent answers suggest that, as a rule, college athletes in the United States are not held to the same academic standards as other students. It also seems that this is well-...
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Teaching a class likely meant to inflate the GPA of student athletes

Premise My department recently finalized the faculty teaching assignments for the Fall 2019 semester (starts at the end of August 2019). As these assignments were being discussed a few weeks ago, my ...
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Are there areas where only some universities fund their sports scholars? If so, how do the ones without scholarships attract athletes?

According to Wikipedia: Athletic scholarships are common in the United States, but in many countries they are rare or non-existent. But are there areas (e.g., countries or cities) where there are ...
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In US universities, are the sport coaches typically considered tenured professors?

The title says it all. In many universities you see coaches for a team in some popular sport hanging around for many decades. I was wondering if in general those people had a status of tenured ...
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Should Professors and by extension their TA's, hold student athletes to the same standard?

As a former student athlete at the high school level who played football, the academic requirements asked of me were no different than that of my fellow classmates. I never asked for any special ...
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What are the incentives for universities to recruit athletic student [duplicate]

Is there any special incentive for universities to have many athletic students? I am speaking based on my personal observation on North American universities. I often hear that universities look for ...
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Where does the money earned by universities in the USA from sports activities go?

In the USA, professional sports is big at many universities. Many, if not all, get a lot of money from such events (e.g., broadcasting rights to ESPN, or from different sportsware/equipment companies ...
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What, if any, roads are open to graduate schools for athletes with borderline grades?

My understanding is that colleges with sports programs will admit students with "low end" but not "off the charts low" grades if the respective sports teams want them. By this, I mean grades just ...
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Why do American colleges and universities have sports teams?

In the USA, college sports are popular, and colleges may offer scholarship based on athletic skills. Yet, universities spend significant money on sports, and nobody earns as well as the head of the ...
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