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On standards or conventions specific to chemistry as an academic discipline, and programs that lead to a degree in this field. For regular chemistry questions, visit our sister site Chemistry Stack Exchange.

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Balancing coursework, research, and teaching

I'm a first-year graduate student, and I just joined a computational chemistry laboratory. I have three tasks now: pass all my courses, fulfill my TA duties, and start research. I'm finding that I'm ...
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ACS Style image citation

I'm trying to cite an online image that I am using for a chemical literacy review. It is required to use ACS style, but the style guide makes no mention of images per se. I therefore tried to cite it ...
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How many students are typical for an advisor?

I am an undergraduate student in China, majoring in chemistry. I am now considering which advisors would be most suitable for my future research. Actually, I have been working in a professor's lab ...
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When is the right time to tell my advisor that I plan on leaving my PhD program?

I've previously asked a question on this forum about leaving grad school and moving to a new field. I'm a chemistry PhD student in my (now) second year. I've decided to leave my PhD program because my ...
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What are the most important factors when considering graduate school in chemistry?

I'm considering applying to chemistry graduate schools within the next six months and am hoping for some guidance in prioritizing aspects. For instance, among my list of considerations there exists: ...
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Is it possible to change the application area of research while looking for a postdoc position after PhD?

My PhD is in materials science in the field of environmental remediation (water decontamination) using different advanced materials as adsorbents. I also have expertise in computational chemistry and ...
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Citing a reference multiple times

I am trying to write an introduction to a grant proposal (not for actual research, but because it is part of an assignment that was given to me as an organic chemistry student). I am trying to ...
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Should I ask to be moved up in the authorship list?

This past summer, I started my undergraduate thesis project under two advisors. One of my advisors had done research on a similar topic to what my thesis project is covering and she had the data ...
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GRE Scores for Graduate programs in Chemistry [closed]

I am planning to apply to PhD programs in Chemistry this year so I took the GRE last week and my scores were the following: Verbal - 161 - 88% Quantitative - 154 - 55% (I still don't have the ...
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