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On the act of chairing a talk or conference session, i.e., being the person to introduce the speakers, moderate the questions, etc.

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As session chair, how to politely end someone's presentation/conversation if over time?

Scenario 1: Depending on the length of the talk, I'd show the speaker a 10min/5min "warning" sign that their time is about to come to an end. Arguably, 1-2min "overtime" seems ...
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What to do?: Completely New Revision Requests a Month after a Defense

I successfully defended my dissertation one month before. My department head even emailed to congratulate me. I was given only one clear set of revision requests to do, for approval signatures. ...
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Can I include new experiment results in a Camera Ready submission?

I have a paper accepted at a X conference. I have been working on changes for the camera ready version. I have some results from experiments that I ran after the paper's initial submission. Questions: ...
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Publishing a paper in my own workshop

I'm co-organizing a workshop in conjunction of a leading conference. Since the topic is quite close to my work I'm considering to submit my own paper to the workshop. Given the fact that I'm serving ...
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What is the difference between "Author Rebuttal" and "Paper Discussion" in Academic Conferences?

In academic conferences and their important dates, I know what "Author Rebuttal Period" is but it is not particularly clear to me what is meant by "Paper Discussion Period"? Are ...
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Will my "the finalist certificate of the best paper award" be underrated if I co-chair a session at the same conference?

A paper of mine did recently reach the final competition for the best paper award of a prestigious conference in my field. Although mine didn't end up with the best paper award, yet I'd like to note ...
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Becoming department chair while being good friends with some but not all members

I am considering becoming department chair of a small department (10 people, not including adjuncts), and not because I really want to, but because no one else wants to and I like to be a good member ...
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Should we chair a session in which we present? [duplicate]

In a prestigious conference in my field, I am asked to chair a session. However, in the same session, I have my own paper, should I chair this session?
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Can I write to a (prestigious) conference that I am interested in chairing a session?

I have a paper selected in a very prestigious conference in our field. Is it appropriate if I ask the contact person that I am interested in chairing any conference session? Note that I am a Ph.D. ...
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Is it appropriate/accepted for a PhD student to organize/coordinate a special session at a conference?

I have the possibility to organize a special track/session at a small computer science conference, however at the moment I'm in the last year of my PhD study. The special session includes an ...
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What is typically expected of a conference session chair?

In this recent question, the OP there describes a situation where they were assigned to be a session chair without being asked to do so. After reading the above question, and having never chaired a ...
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Assigning presenters the role of a session chair without prior notice

I am going to present my research on a conference in the near future. This conference is in the field of engineering and CS. It has several sessions in parallel and a total of more than 100 papers. ...
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How should the session chair introduce presentation titles which are ungrammatical?

As a session chair recently, I was to introduce a talk where the title of the talk was ungrammatical (in both the abstract and talk slides), likely due to the presenter not being a native English ...
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How to determine if the presenter will attend as a session chair

As a session chair, it’s important to maintain schedule. As shown in SPIE’s responsibilities of session chairs: If you find a presenter has failed to attend: Note the no show on the ...
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What are the benefits of being a convener/chair of a session in a conference?

I wish to submit a proposal to a conference to chair a session. To do this, I will have to spend a lot of time to think about many things such as the objectives & scopes of my session. But I am ...
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Offer to chair a session - how should I decide whether to accept?

I am doing my PhD and presenting a paper at a conference, which I have already done a few times. However, I just saw an email from the organising committee asking if I am willing to chair one or more ...
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As a session chair, how to familiarise oneself with the pronunciation of speakers' names?

The organisers of a conference have informed the session chairs what is expected from them. On the list of duties listed is for chairs to familiarise themselves in advance with the pronunciation of ...
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What to do about questions that are designed to embarrass the speaker?

I've attended a lot of seminars and lectures by now, and it's typical for the chair of the seminar to offer audience members a chance to ask questions of the speaker about their work after the ...
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Should I list conference session chairmanship in CV?

I currently have on my CV a list of conferences I organized, or co-organized, a list of invited talks, a full list of talks, etc. Recently I have been asked to chair a session in a prestigious ...
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